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Tekkaus can now be reached more effectively. I know a lot of you have been facing difficulties trying to contact me via email. Well, all those problems are a thing in the past. Now all of you can contact Tekkaus (me) via the contact form below. Rest assured that all the emails that I receive will be read and reply will be done as soon as possible. However due to my tight schedule, my reply may not be prompt. So my apologies if my reply hit your mailbox at a later time.

Again I would like to remind you that the best way to contact me is via email through the contact form below. However you can also contact me via a variety of social networking sites (please refer to my other social contacts enclosed below the form). You are welcome to connect with me on them but please bear in mind that I check some of them more than the others. So if your request or inquiry is urgent-the contact form is the best way!

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Please fill in the following form to contact me. There will be no spam. You privacy is guaranteed. I will be more than happy to listen to you.