Monday, July 23, 2018

Children Need Real Toys To Play With

As a parent, I honestly believe that our children need to play in order to learn, experience and grow. Then again we need to really understand that not all toys provide equal wholesome educational values for our little ones. The advent of digital gadgets, smartphones and tablets have deprive our children from the real play that they should have enjoyed-physical toys. That is why I have always bought real, physical toys for my little Jordan and Jasmine so that they have the privilege of enjoying real play time. :)

The joy that you can get from a real toy. Ha :D

Nothing beats twisting real, plastic arms of your favourite dinosaur, to articulate the beast in a way you want. Such physical play of toys allows our children to use their energy, to develop their motor skills and more importantly to socialize with other kids. This can never be replaced by screen time that digital devices can provide. No disrespect but I honestly feel that over-reliance on touch screens has robbed our children of their precious play time and even health. Thus I rarely allow my two kids to touch any smartphones or tablets.

Playing is learning in a fun way. :)

Playing with real educational toys which include social interactions and problem solving will help our children to learn very quickly, allowing them to reach their full potential more easily. In other words choosing high quality, educational toys is vital for the mental and physical development of our children. That is why my wife and I have always trusted ToyTag which is one of the top educational toy stores available right now. You will be surprised how toys can be fun and educational at the same time. Yours truly me is personally in love with the mind-blowing 3D-printing pen.

I'm sure Jordan and Jasmine will love this 3Doodler!

Nothing beats moving around a little bit quicker with your very own two feet right? That is exactly what our children would want to experience the moment they start to walk or run. Trust me, they would be screaming happily when you allow them to ride a balance bike. The good news is ToyTag has a repertoire of  balance bikes which your kids will definitely enjoy. I know my Jordan boy and Jasmine girl still do. Don't forget to get them a helmet ok! :)

It is a balancing act. :)

Ok! After allowing Jordan and Jasmine to channel their energy vigorously by playing with their bikes, I want them to sharpen their minds too. That is why we regularly play board games as a family because we can bond with them. Board games allow children to have better memory and improved cognitive skills. I notice that they really enjoy playing board games as they can actually touch and move the pieces on their own instead of tapping a flat screen. See! Real play is the best.

Use your imagination and hands to weave magic. 

Can you spot the fries? LOL

We parents want the best for our children and I honestly believe that real toys are the best that we can provide them with. Do not take the easy way out by giving them a tablet or smartphone which will only feed to their instant gratification. Real educational toys provide plenty of fun, memorable, priceless moments for our kids that will benefit them for the rest of their life. Hence I don't mind forking out money to buy toys that my children can touch and feel. It is time to get real. :)

Play time is a good time to bond as well. :)