Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli at Mahkota Parade [PICS]

Do you still remember the last time when I visited Mahkota Parade with my family, we actually went ice skating. We had a whale of time and of course we exhausted a lot of energy to do something alien to us. Hence we needed lots of energy in the form of food. Ha 😄 So before we ice skated on the rink, we actually had dinner at Mee Tarik Warisan Asli on the first floor. Let's go makan!

Let's see what we can eat at Mee Tarik Warisan Asli

This Mee Tarik Warisan Asli is a relatively new restaurant in Mahkota Parade and they serve what appear to be Chinese cuisines that are Halal. Then again the place that I usually have mee tarik or Ramen is in Japanese Restaurants. Mee Tarik is actually the direct translation of Ramen which means hand-pulled noodles. So yours truly me was really elated to sample their authentic ramen which originated from China.

 Golden Curry Mee Tarik

After scrutinizing the menu for some time, we finally placed our orders. I tried their Golden Curry Mee Tarik while my wife had fried mee tarik with kam heong. As for our two little babies, they had egg fried rice. We even added dried dumpling for a more filling dinner. 😋 The whole restaurant is really quite big, capable of housing 100 dinners at one time.

Both my wife and I enjoyed it a lot thanks to the springy noodles. :)

First to land on our table was the appetizing spicy Golden Curry Mee Tarik which I thought was really flavourful. The curry was thick and very aromatic with a whiff of lemon grass. The hand-pulled noodles were really springy and delectable. I must praise the Mee Tarik Warisan Asli's noodles for their texture which were just nice-al Dante.

Fried Mee Tarik with kam heong 

Fried Rice with egg-simple but delicious 

Both Jordan and Jasmine enjoyed it.

My wife's fried mee tarik with kam heong felt like those you get to savour at your favourite Chinese hawker stalls; my wife enjoyed the well marinated chicken chunks and sliced onions. The springy noodles made the difference though, making the whole dish more scrumptious. As for our little babies, their fried rice with eggs was really, really good. Though a bit pricey at RM9, I dare say that their plate of fried rice has gotta be one of the best I've tried in years. Every single grain is fried to perfection.

Dried dumplings.

Last but not least our final dish was the dumplings with their very own specialty chilli paste. The spicy chilli really brought out the best in the dumplings. In fact without the lip smacking chilli the dumplings would have tasted really normal.

Refer to their menu to know what else you can eat at Mee Tarik Warisan Asli

The best mee tarik in Malaysia? Maybe. :)

All in all we really had a satisfying dinner at Mee Tarik Warisan Asli. Our dinner only cost us around RM49 which I think is really affordable as the portions of your noodles and rice will be quite huge. If you happen to be in Mahkota Parade, you can give this ramen a try. 😜