Friday, December 30, 2011

Tekkaus Comment Policy

First thing first, I wanna thank all my readers for taking your precious time to leave your comments on this blog of mine. I am grateful for your participation. Recently it has come to my attention that not all of my blog readers are viewing the comment sections of this blog in the same way as I do. Some of my readers completely ignore its existence by not leaving their comments while others have abused it by posting off-topic, irrelevant comments which are self-serving. I HATE SPAM! Read on to find out how I  handle spammy comments.
On my blog, you are welcomed to leave any kinds of comments, as long as they are relevant to my blog posts. I don't mind receiving criticism if they are constructive ones. I am perfectly OK if you wanna point out my spelling errors or my glaring grammatical mistakes. I can accept it if you disagree with what I am sharing on my blog, after all no 2 minds think alike aye? All in all, yours truly me can accept a variety of comments on my blog-however I need to draw a line on what you can do and cannot do on my blog's comment section.

By commenting on Tekkaus,
you agree to the terms of this comment policy:

1~Comments Are Loved-That's right. I love each and every single one of your comments. I believe your comments can add value to my post. Your comments and knowledge will add up to the other readers and give them a more engaging experience while they are on this blog. Everyone is welcomed to leave your comments. The best part is, I actually allow you to comment anonymously without logging in or providing your email.

2~Spams Will Be Deleted & Commenters Will Be Banned-That's right! Most spams will be automatically filtered by my commenting system. The other spam which slip through the filters will be deleted immediately as well. Spammers' emails & username (if any) and IP addresses will be BANNED forever on this blog! So be really careful with your comments spammer!

3~Relevant Links In Comments Are Welcomed-provided that the links you are pointing to are relevant to the topic. So you are encouraged to enclose links that are related to the blog posts as it adds to our conversation and will certainly allow us to understand the topic on hand better.

4~Irrelevant Links Will Be Treated As Spam-If you plan to chip in link(s) which is not relevant to our topic in your comment, you are risking my wrath! Rest assured that your comments will be deleted immediately and you (email and IP address) will be banned permanently from abusing my comment sections again. So if you want to leave irrelevant links, do so at your own risk. Besides you are also tarnishing your own reputation for being seen as spam.

5~I am CommentLuv & Do-Follow Lover-Besides being a PageRank 4 blog, this blog is also CommentLuv enabled. Meaning that when you leave your comments, your latest blog post will be automatically fetched to be included in your comments. Since this blog is also a Do-Follow blog, you can gain from my PageRank juice flowing into your blog or site. So by commenting on my blog you will be reaping great SEO benefits.

6~No Signatures Are Allowed-Including your signature in your comments is a big NO-NO on my blog as I have already provided you the convenience of CommentLuv. If signatures are included, your comments will be deleted. On a bad day, I will not only delete your comment but also ban you from commenting on my blog again. So please do not leave any signatures in your comments.

7~Editorial Discretion-Please bear in mind that I retain the right to maintain all the comments posted on this blog. While I agree to abide by these guidelines, I reserve the right to make exceptions at my discretion.

8~Legal Responsibility-I would love to gently remind all my commenters that each of you remains responsible for the legal and other consequences of your comments. So please write your comment in a responsible, ethical manner.


It is never my intention to clamp down on my readers, however I also don't want my blog to be taken for a ride. I won't allow my blog (which I devote hours every single day) to be used and exploited in ways that don't add value to it and the community around it. Please remember that your comments become a permanent  part of you in the internet. Your comments reflect who you are and what you stand for. So please consider your reputation and online legacy while your are commenting on this blog. My advice is be gracious.

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