Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rats Chewed Off Man's Penis & Caused Him To Die

This must have been the most shocking news I have ever read through in year 2011! It was reported that a pneumonia patient in a government hospital in Kolkata was found dead because his PENIS was CHEWED OFF by RATS! Arun Sandukh who is 53 years old was alleged to have bled to death after rats nibbled  off his penis. OMG! This unbelievable, horrible...accident occurred at the SSKM hospital last Friday. How can this happen in a hospital where someone is supposed to seek treatment and rest?

Killer Rats? Will part of you end up in their huge bowl?

Apparently the hospital authorities had confessed that the hospital was OVERRUN by menacing rats! But aren't hospitals should be clean, hygienic and rat-free? It was reported that no nurses were around when this poor man was writhing in pain. Or they ignored him, thinking it was just a complain from the patient? When a relative came to visit, he was shocked to discover Arun dead in a pool of blood with his penis nibbled off. Where are the doctors and nurses?

Be very afraid of rats, especially when you are asleep!

I was hospitalized in a government hospital last year due to dengue. Thank goodness, no rats came and nibble know. *gasp* I still can't believe that such a tragic...shocking incident could actually happen, couldn't it? RATS chewing human's penis? Were the rats that hungry? Sleeping naked? It's time to cover up. So all of you better make sure you put on your tight underwear tonight and not your loose boxer. Men! We'd better watch out. Hungry rats might be lurking under our bed tonight waiting to chew off our prized possession... :(