Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Your Children's Milk Are Making Them Obese?

By now all of you would have known that we, Malaysians, are the MOST obese in South-east Asia! Again, we are in the news for the wrong reason. This is something very shameful and we might suffer in the long run (health and financially) if we don't rectify this seemingly burgeoning "fat" problem. The real problem is that we don't think it is a "problem" to overeat and end up as an obese. After all being obese shouldn't be more deadly than having cancer right? WRONG! Being obese is actually the root of many other diseases. We should change our perception right now.

Parents play an important role in educating the young ones.

The best time (and way) for us to instill the habit of leading healthy lifestyle in ourselves is when we are young. If possible we should start as early as 1 year old. No kidding. That is why we parents play a very important role to ensure that our little ones lead a healthy lifestyles when they are still young. We don't want our children growing up to be obese right? And we certainly don't want to see them sick because of the diseases that come with their obesity.

My son's main food is still "nian nian" aka milk. :D

Imagine our children suffer from diabetic or heart attack because of our negligence...can we bear to see them go through all the pain and torment just because we negligently allow them to consume too much added sugars? Some of us might be shaking our heads saying that we don't let our children eat any candies or those teeth-rotting chocolates. Then again do you know that the milk that you are giving them might contain way too much added sugars? Shockingly as it may seem...but it is a fact that most so-called growing up milk (in Malaysia) have too much added sugars in it.

Drinking milk is important. But we must choose the right, nutritious milk.

The other day when I brought my little Jordan to a clinic, I saw a video in the waiting room, talking about added sugars in our children's growing up milk. There was this expert from Australia known as Professor Peter Davies, who busted the myth saying that children (age 1-6) need a lot of added sugars for energy and growth. He claims that children do not need huge amount of sugars to grow. Instead Professor Peter Davies said that those consumed added sugars will actually end up as fat which will contribute to obesity. We parents should really take note about this. :(

Professor Peter Davies on added sugars in children's growing up milk.

We parents will always try to give the best that we can to our little ones. But we must ensure that the "best milk" that we are giving them is nutritious and there is no added sugars in it. If not, we will be the ones who may be responsible in causing them to become obese; We are the ones who could wreak their health and future. So we should only give them milk which has no-added sugars. I am proud to say that I am feeding my baby Jordan no added-sugar growing up milk right now. Wanna know what he is drinking? Stay tuned.

Make sure no added sugar. :D