Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Injured My Right Wrist Because I...

Right now I don't think I can lift a 10kg dumbbell that easily anymore with my right hand just like how I used to do it back in university years. I don't think I can even lift something without feeling that nagging pain with my right hand. My right wrist is terribly injured and I don't see how it will recover in anytime soon...well my injury has begun when I started carrying my son using my right hand in an up right sitting position with him facing in front. My wife says I am pampering him to much... :(

I need to wear wrist support from time to time...

My family has advised me not to carry my son in such position anymore but I insist on carrying him in such position. I want my Jordan~boy to see what is in front of him when I take him out for a stroll; I want him to view what is happening around him during our outings. I love to see his funny reaction, his adorable facial expressions and his body movements when he sees what is around him while being carried by me. It is a joy to hold him close to my heart.

He is of course getting heavier (at least 10kg now) and this is taking its toll on my right wrist now. Although my Jordan boy has started to walk, he still wants to be carried by me most of then time. He will walk on his own eventually...I think in one month's time. By then I will be carrying my daughter in the same upright sitting position and I think my injury will get worse, not forgetting the pain as well. Then again it doesn't matter. Daddy love both of you a lot.