Thursday, March 18, 2010

About Me-The Author

First thing first, welcome to blog that wants to make a difference in everyone's life.

I have a really, really damn hard time trying to write this page. It is always difficult to pen down words for yourself. For starter, you can call me Tekkaus although some of you might have known my real name. I would describe myself as a creative geezer who loves to be unique (hey, everyone is right?). I am an aspiring problogger who started blogging in December 2007! Even though yours truly me have been in the blogosphere for more than 2 years, I still consider myself as a newbie.

From Hobby To Part-time Profession
At first I started to blog just for the sake of it. It was my friend who pushed me to publish my very first post which is Live Love. So I wanna thank my friend for igniting me back then. If it wasn't for him, you won't be reading this blog right now. So yes, back then I blogged because it looked cool and fun. Besides, everyone seems to have their own blog right? Back then, it was all about fooling around and penning my nonsensical thoughts.

About Me-The Author-Tekkaus

But then I found out that blogging has slowly changed my life. I was (am still) amazed how I could (can still) influence the people who read my blog. I realized my words can help to motivate people and make a difference in their lives. I have learned so much from the experience that I derived from blogging. I only have you, my friends and readers, to thank.

It started off as a mere hobby and now I consider blogging to be a part-time profession for me. As this simple blog of mine has grown in popularity and has begun to generate a stable income for me, blogging (or obsession if you like) is no longer a hobby to me anymore. Now blogging is a part-time profession for me. A lot of projects are in the pipeline for me. Hopefully I can materialize them as soon as possible.

Why Part-time Problogger?
Why part-time? Because I still love my current career which is very, very rewarding. Why Problogger? Because I can generate income to supplement my current earning-"real-world" job. Besides it is always better to have multiple streams of income right? So will I be a full-fledged problogger one? Not very likely. I am not going to ditch my job because both my real and virtual job actually complement each other. :)

My Passion As A Problogger
I love the idea of being someone who can share my words, thoughts and ideals through the internet and transcends them into the real world. Sometimes I am inspired by how I can influence and empower people who reads my blog. I feel very rewarding to be someone who can reach out my hands to help the others (wow, sounds so great)! It has always been my philosophy to make a difference in everyone's life-in your life! It is something that enriches my life.

Besides aiming to help fellow bloggers to improve their blogging, I am also dedicated to help the others in their life and to share their experience. Apart from that, it is also my goal to touch everyone's life to make it more meaningful, enjoyable and rewarding. So are you ready to be touched by me? Come here now~Ha :D

Eccentric And Enigmatic
That's what you'll label me when you get to know me more through my words and thoughts (or when you meet me personally). Sometimes I will do something that is so unexpected that you will have second thought acknowledging me as your friend. I am wacky and I believe being eccentric is what I am destined to be all along. That's why people call me eccentric! Besides being eccentric also means I can live longer and happier.

About Me-Tekkaus about the part of me being enigmatic? I would love to think that I am a little mysterious to all of you. I have this nagging tendency to be secretive. Sometimes while reading my post it seems that I will divulge something for you, but then at the very last moment I will jerk the carpet right under your feet. Ouch! I am a self-professed enigma. :D

Final Word
Please stay in touch with me by subscribing to my blog. Also, please feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Stumbleupon if you are active on these network. I hope you enjoy reading :)

About Me Tekkaus Midvalley