Monday, April 11, 2011

Petronas Primax 95 Xtra-Unleash The F1 Driver In You

Petronas new petrol has finally been unveiled. Still remember last Friday I talked about a new F1 inspired fuel that Petronas is rolling out? The waiting is finally over. Yes, it is here already. Introducing Petronas Primax 95 Xtra-the new F1 petrol that will give you more mileage and value! This Primax 95 Xtra will be replacing the existing Primax 95 and is available right now at almost all Petronas pump stations nationwide. How do I know? Well...yours truly me is now a proud user of Petronas Primax 95 Xtra!

Chequered flag to announce Petronas Primax 95 Xtra is here!

Honestly I have been waiting for this Petronas Primax 95 Xtra since last week. You see I refused to fuel up my car even though the petrol indicator was blinking furiously yesterday. So around evening I finally managed to drove to the nearest Petronas station near my house to load up my virtually empty tank. Upon reaching the station I could see one of the Petronas workers waving a chequered flag announcing that the new Petronas Primax 95 Xtra is here! Woohoo! Immediately I drifted drove carefully into the petrol station. Ha :D

Now Primax 95 Xtra is available at all Petronas stations nationwide.

Primax 95 Xtra cost the same as all the other ROn95 fuel-only RM.190!

Wanna know why you will get more xtra value? You see this new F1 inspired Petronas Primax 95 Xtra will still cost RM1.90 per litre even though it is more powerful than the previous fuel! This means you will be getting a better fuel for the same old price. Petronas claims that Primax 95 Xtra is specially formulated with advanced addictive technology and it contains friction modifier that will reduce friction between cylinder and piston rings. Best of all Primax 95 Xtra also contains a synthetic detergent that can help clean up our engine. Hence more efficiency for us.

Now Tekkaus is also the proud user of Primax 95 Xtra!

Primax 95 Xtra promises to deliver more raw power, better acceleration and more mileage compared to other fuels. Of course yours truly me had to try it on my own before I recommend this new F1 inspired fuel for you. So equipped with my full tank of Primax 95 Xtra, I hit the road to see if it can really turn our cars into an F1 speeding machine. After driving for 40 kilometers around the town and along the SPA high way, I did fell that my car has more power and more acceleration each time I floor the gas pedal! Wow! You really need to experience this to believe it. I am sure in a few more days' time I am going to enjoy the extra mileage as my engine will be cleaner by then. :)

There is also a promotion going on. :p

Watch this Primax 95 Xtra advertisement.
I surely want all those coins roll into my pocket. :p

I can safely say that I am going to be an F1 driver right now....opps...I mean I am going to be the proud Petronas Primax 95 Xtra user now! Why pay more when you can get a better, F1-inspired fuel at the same old price. So in the long run you will save more. Why? Not only you will experience better acceleration, your engine will also be cleaner and this means you car will be gliding at its optimum condition. Now I can go all the way with Petronas Primax 95 Xtra. How about you folks?

Petronas Primax 95 Xtra makes me feel like an F1 driver!