Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Diffride To Compete Against Grab With Drivers Paying A FLAT Rate of RM5 Daily

Finally, we Malaysians get another new e-hailing app called diffride to compete against Grab. I have used both Grab and Uber and I must admit that I have always preferred the latter as it is more affordable. However ever since Uber has exited the Malaysian market, Grab has begun to exploit its monopoly by charging more fees for the passenger while the drivers are earning far less. Grab has even revised their reward system to shortchange both its drivers and passengers. Hence I would say that diffride arrival is timely and important.

 Transport Minister Anthony Loke (second right) shakes hands with former Formula One driver Alex Yoong during the launch of new diffride in Kuala Lumpur August 21, 2018. -Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Diffride is claimed to offer competitive and reasonable ride fares for both passengers and drivers. This is important to ensure that it is a viable alternative to Grab. Interestingly diffride drivers will only need to pay a flat rate of RM5 daily while keeping the rest of their earnings. No more taking a slice off every single pie you "bake". By doing so, passengers will get to enjoy a more reasonable fare rate whilst the drivers can take home more earning. However this flat rate might be revised at the end of the year *please don't*.

Are you ready for a better ride?

As for registration of drivers, stringent screenings will be done for safety of purposes. To be a driver partner, one must not have any traffic summons of criminal records. On top of that, the car which will be used must not be more than 8 years old and it should have at least have a 3 Star Asean NCAP rating. Rest assure that your peace of mind is a top priority for diffride.

If you intend to be a driver partner for diffride you will get to enjoy telematics technology which will allow you to track the location of your vehicle if it is stolen, which is a first from an e-hailing service provider. Moreover diffride is also working with Digi to offer drivers an exlusive postpaid plan from as low as RM58 with minimum 10GB data and unlimited calls which comes with monthly rebates. To sweeten the deal, you could even get special rate for selected Huawei's smartphones. Sounds like a good time to join diffride aye?

Be a diffride driver partner now.

Diffride is expecting to have 6,000 riders by the end of the year which I am sure is achievable as long as they do not shortchange both its driver partners and passengers. I honestly believe that the RM5 daily flat rate fee should be retained or the most hiked up to around RM7 or RM8 to make diffride competitive. With better rewards for passengers and drivers, diffride will definitely flourish in Malaysia whereby consumers are very savvy. A win-win situation is what we are searching for. Please do not slaughter the golden goose just for short term gain. Period.