Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Huawei "Cheated" By Using DSLR Camera In Nova 3i Ad?

No, he was not holding a Huawei Nova 3i smartphone. 

It appears that Huawei is embroiled in yet another marketing fiasco when they are caught red-handed "faking" their Nova 3i ads. Instead of using the smartphone itself to shoot the commercial, the company relied on DSLR camera to help them shoot the photos and videos for Nova 3i. This has been revealed by a behind-the-scenes photo which turns out to be captured by a DSLR, not the device which is being advertised. Bummer!

A DSLR was actually used to shoot this ad.

In the advertisement, a couple who was quarreling was seen taking a selfie together. The man insisted that she does not need to reapply any make up as Huawei's AI and camera tech can help to effortlessly take beautiful flawless selfies of them. The revelation came when Sarah Elshamy who is the actress in the ad "accidentally" posted the behind-the-scene photo on her Instagram. It was obvious that a DSLR camera was used instead of Nova 3i. What a blunder, no? She had since deleted the photo but I am sure she is facing the music right now.

Real behind-the-scenes photo. Only the DSLR camera is seen here.

On the other hand, Huawei claims that the advertisement has never stated that the picture was captured on a Nova 3i. Then again, consumers are "manipulated" to believe that the stunning photos and videos were of course taken using the advertised smartphone right? No disrespect to Huawei, but I honestly believe that no company should mislead the consumers with the products that they are advertising. Now...we can't out-rightly believe any ads without taking it with a grain of salt huh.