Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Milky-Our Very First Pet Dog [PICS]

Meet Milky-our very first family pet dog. All this while, I have been wanting to keep my very own pet dog. However I never had such privilege because my late mother objected to it as I had asthma and our old house was a bit small. Now that I am the owner of our new home, I still could not really adopt a pet dog at my own whim. I needed my wife's nod of approval before I could do so. Hence...one lovely afternoon...I did the smart thing by driving her to see a little of puppies. Ha :D

The moment Milky was brought home for the very first time. :) 

Look at Jordan's reaction. :p

The moment we arrived at our destinations, we could see around 8 or 9 abandoned puppies at the mercy of mother nature. There was no proper shelter to shield them from the scorching sun or the heavy beatings of the rain. While we were elated to see them playing, my wife spotted one puppy which she claimed was so adorable that she wanted to take him home right away. My wife asked me to cradle it home in my arms and I did so willingly. We brought him home and named our very first pet dog Milky.

Honestly yours truly me had zero experience when it comes to rearing a pet dog. So I have to ask around what I need to do for our little Milky. I know from the day we bring him home, our life will be different. We need to take care of his food, his well-being, his hygiene, his play time and of course his poop. LOL :D In other words we are taking care of a new member of our family. I know it is not going to be easy but it will be a worthwhile experience for me and my family.

Jordan boy and Jasmine girl are SOOOO in love with their pet dog. :)

It was really challenging time (in a good way of course) for the first few days, as our tiny Milky wanted to come in at night which is of course understandable as it was still a baby. I kept on waking up in the middle of the night like 1a.m. and 3a.m. to attend to him. After playing with him for some time he would get tired and dozed off before waking up again to call out for us. Milky is literally a baby huh. LOL :D

Our previous little Milky. :)

Then came the part where he "ran away" from our home when we were not at home. On the third day, Milky squeezed himself out from the bottom of our plastic-mesh-reinforced auto gate to wander around the neighbourhood. The moment I got back home, I looked for him high and low around my neighbourhood for 2 hours without any luck. Then suddenly one of my neighbours contacted me, telling me that he had found our naughty Milky. Apparently he has joined the other adults dogs to roam around.

Being a baby, he was very sleepy in the first few days. LOL

He could sleep anywhere. 

Sleepy little Milky

I am glad that we got him back. That was more than one month ago. So does our little Milky still try to run out from our house...not really. After his last escape, I contacted a good friend of mine to replace my unreliable plastic mesh with iron grates instead. So no more being an escape artist Milky! Naughty boy. LOL :D As for now, my whole family is really happy to have Milky as our very first pet dog. May he be healthy always and of course be a good boy. :)

*woof* Don't wake me up!