Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Galaxy Note 9 With Remote Control S Pen

Finally, after reading and listening to all the rumours mill, Galaxy Note 9 has finally been gloriously unveiled by Big Sammy. Arguably one of the most anticipated flagship by Samsung, Galaxy Note 9 is what we all have been expecting but it still manages to mesmerize us in so many ways. Though it does not have fancy pop up cameras like Oppo Find X or Vivo NEX, Note 9 has proven that you can still be the top dog to beat despite playing it safe.

S Pen now comes with Bluetooth

The Mighty S Pen
Though a lot will argue that Note 9 is actually very similar to its predecessor, it is more than what meets the eye. Almost everything has been upgraded including the screen, storage and even the mighty S Pen. The S Pen which is the epitome of all Note range is now Bluetooth-ready which makes it more powerful than it already was. Now you can use the your mighty S Pen as a remote control to snap photos.

By using the S Pen, you can activate the camera app with just a long press. To snap a photo, a single press is what you need to do; while double pressing the button will allow you to switch between the rear cameras and selfie camera. You can even use the S Pen to play of pause your Youtube videos or even while listening to your favourite music. Play, pause and even skip ads thanks to the mighty S Pen. :)

There is a catch though. The S Pen can only last around 30 minutes on a single charge. Then again it is fully charged in just 40 seconds once you slot it into Note 9 again. So not really a big problem though. Even if there is no more battery you can still draw and use Air Command features like all the other Notes. I would say the S Pen has been meticulously crafted by Samsung.

Huge Display + Storage
In order to take advantage of the S Pen functionality, the screen of a Galaxy Note device need to be big. Note 9 comes with a huge 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 (Quad HD+). Under the hood, a mouth-watering top of the line specs await you with 8GB of RAM plus 512GB of storage which is expandable via MicroSD which means you can get another 512GB of external storage. I doubt you will run out of space when you have 1TB at your disposal, no?

Bigger Power Pack
Power users (or gamers) are always complaining that battery is a major improvement that they want to see in smartphones. Note 9 comes with the biggest battery ever for a Note range, boasting a huge 4,000mAh juice pack that can last for the whole day. Don't worry, this time it will NOTe explode as Samsung has done extensive testings and they have even thrown in a app to monitor your battery (just in case). 

Smart Cameras
Samsung has claimed that Note 9 boasts the best cameras available in any smartphone right now. Though this has yet to be verified, the cameras are the same with those found on the Galaxy S9 Plus:-dual 12MP cameras with dual aperture and optical image stabilization on both cameras. The differene this time around is the inclusion of smarter AI that can detect scenes automatically and choose the best settings based on the different situations. Do you know that the cameras will even alert you when your shots are blurry or if someone was snapped with closed eyes. Ha :D

Final Say
So do you think you should get Samsung Galaxy Note 9? The short answer is YES. The long answer is YEEEEEEEEEES. Ok! Honestly I am really biased when it comes to Galaxy Note series as I believe the mighty S Pen does make it worth every single penny. Then again are you willing to fork out RM4,599 for the top of the range 512GB version of Galaxy Note 9? I hereby declare that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best smartphone in 2018. I know I would pre-order one if I can afford. LOL :)