Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Oppo Find X-The Most Beautiful Phone In 2018 [PICS]

Just when you thought you have seen in all about smartphones this year, you are wrong. The Verge is one of the select few lucky ones to experience this first hand. Oppo Find X assures us that our search for the ultimate flagship smartphone has come to an end. Introducing the smartphone with 93.8% screen-to-body ratio which is almost an all-screen smartphone or device that we used to only dream in sci-fi box office movies. Thanks to the innovation pushed by Oppo, you can now own a piece of a futuristic phone that none others have so far...not even iPhone or Samsung.

Behold: The glorious Oppo Find X

The moment you hold it in your hand, you will be astounded by Oppo Find X's stunningly gorgeous 6.4-inch 1080p dual-curved AMOLED display which is almost bezel-less. You won't be seeing any notch here either, just pure huge display for your visual indulgence thanks (again) to its 93.8% screen-to-body ratio. Wait a minute...if the display is almost bezel-less and there is no notch...then where on earth is the camera right? The mysterious disappearance of cameras on Oppo Find X is the next jaw-dropping moment you will have.

Oppo Find X: Beautifully crafted to perfection.

So where did Oppo hide the front-facing camera and the rear main camera out of sight? The designers at Oppo must be a big fan of Houdini as they have successfully crafted Oppo Find X to have both the camera to be concealed or hidden when they are not in use. When you hit the camera app, the whole top section of the phone, between the front display and the glass back actually slides upward to reveal hidden cameras of Oppo Find X! Speaking about pure sleek genius design. It is like magic: Now you see the cameras....and...now you don't.

OK...so where is the camera?

After you have "activated" the cameras, you will be greeted by a 25MP front-facing selfie camera with AI Beautification Mode. Flip the gorgeous Oppo Find X to the back and you will see the 16MP+20MP rear dual camera setup. Such cutting edge camera slider design means Oppo has also equipped Find X with a 3D Face Scanner  which is sitting nicely next to your selfie camera. This 3D Face Scanner works in the same vein as Xiaomi's Mi 8 and this means you will have better piece of mind thanks to the added security.

The camera slider just pop up when you hit the camera app!

Some might argue that, after hitting the camera app...you might need to wait for a long time for the motorized slider to show your cameras. The truth is, it only takes 0.5 second to launch the cameras of Oppo Find X which is actually quite damn fast. After watching the video, demonstrating how the cameras slider is launched, you wonder why the other flagship smartphones cannot combine aesthetic and practicality like what Oppo has achieved with Find X? Playing it too safely in the comfort zone aye Apple and Samsung? :p

Oppo Find X boasts stylish curves and seamless lines of beauty.

When the cameras slider is not launched, it fits beautifully "into" the phone.

OK! Now that we have visually feasted on the design and beauty of Oppo Find X, we still need to scrutinize its specifications. So under the shiny metallic hood of Find X, you will get, of course the flagship Snapdragon 845 processor together with Adreno 630 GPU for pure power. There will be 8GB of RAM for buttery smooth usage of the smartphone and 256GB of internal storage. Last but not least Find X will be juiced with a 3,730mAh battery that supports OPPO's ultra fast VOOC fash-charging via USB Type-C. All these innards point to premium-class specifications that will certainly give other flagships a run for their money.

Watch Oppo Find X in action.

Although I really love the transparent, see-through glass back cover of Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, I cannot deny that Oppo Find X is arguably the most beautiful smartphone we have seen in 2018. Besides the near bezel-less gorgeous display, the mind-blowing motorized cameras slider has made Find X the most impressive flagship we have seen so far. Such spectacular design, combined with flawless usability allows Oppo Find X to exude so much class and elegance, something that no smartphone has done so far. Do you want own a piece of the future? Oppo Find X is reported to have a retail price of at least US$700 (RM2,800 in Malaysia). This is relatively cheap, no?

Oppo Find X is so sublimely polished!

P.S.: I somehow can't help but feel that this out-of-the world design of Oppo Find X is made by Tony Stark (Ironman). Look at how polished it is...just like the armor of Ironman. Hmm...