Saturday, August 18, 2018

Under Siege By Trojans Horses

If you have been wondering what on earth has happened to yours, truly me...well I have been under attack. Or should I say the laptop that I usually use for blogging was (is) under attack by those terrible, malicious Trojans viruses. At one time, my laptop was under siege by up to 11 different Trojan viruses, rendering my usually ultra-fast laptop to slow down to an extend whereby it totally froze...literally. So have I got rid of the Trojan horses? I think I have...but you know we can never be too sure.

This Trojan horse is really intimidating.

So how did I become prey to these Trojan viruses? I am not entirely sure but I believe it had something to do with the websites that I have surfed which turned out to be no it's not porn websites about cryptocurrency. Then suddenly BAM the Trojan horses unleashed hell in my laptop...everything went haywire and it was like I had no control at all over what was going on inside of my laptop. The cursor was not even moving when I was furiously gliding my wireless mouse from side to side. I was of course terribly anxious no thanks to how these horses had escalated the complications so quickly.

Biting issue? I almost did this...almost...

After being literally locked out from my laptop for close to a day...I finally managed to launch my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite. Immediately, I commanded my security suite to help me defend against these pesky viruses which had infiltrated my impregnable "troy". We battled tooth and nail for close to a few hours...and I finally I think I had neutralized all the threats. Thank you Kaspersky...but wait...why was I infected in the first place?

This latest attack really made me worried...

So far I guess I everything is under control but I can't help but feel that something is lingering underneath the keyboard that my fingers are stabbing. As for now I can only hope for the best. If everything goes on smoothly, it means I am back. Do you guys miss me? I doubt but I miss myself a lot. I mean blogging of course. Bahahaha :D

P.S.:  Actually I was under siege not only by Trojan horses but a lot of work as well. :p