Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Top Dashboard Covers And Car Bras

Just when you thought that we can do nothing much with our cars...think again. Gone are the days that our automobiles are merely a four-wheel vehicle to ferry us around from one destination to another. Now we can pimp our rides by adding dashboard covers and even car bras. Yupe! Car bras guys. It is time to get personal and make your car truly yours by adding some touches to it. :)

Dashboard covers: 

1. Dash Designs Custom Fit Brushed Suede Dashboard Cover
The dash designs have soft suede-like cover snugs. So to protect the dashboards to prevent it from cracks and other damaging we must protect them with this cover. It prevents the interior of the dashboard to get UV-Rays inside it and helps to keep the interior cool. It is very much durable and it is made of foam material with a wide range of colors with approx 5 years of warranty and more. 

2. Dash Designs Custom-Fit Camo Dashboard Cover
This type of dashboard cover is very much unique and gives every type of protection that your dashboard needs. These types of cover protect your dashboards from harmful UV-Rays, give an elegant look and helps in enhancing the look of your car interior, and reduce reflected heat from coming inside that, available in different types of colors with 4-5 years of warranty. 

3. Dash Designs Custom Fit Carpet Dashboard Cover
This type of dashboard cover helps in preventing the beauty of your dashboard which is 100% environment-friendly which is made up of all the recycled items. It is made in the USA. This type of cover is very much durable with a lifetime warranty. It is made up of recycled items and it’s made of foam materials that enhance the beauty of your dashboard. They are available in so many varieties of color. 

Car Bras: 

1. 1954 Chevy Front End Bra Masks 
These car bras look good with a car while on road. They enhance the beauty of your car and make it ionic with its beauty. It is made in the USA with soft inner lining it will not harm or damage your car or your car paint. It will not starch the inner surface of the car by the potential road debris. This bras and masks are available in a wide range of varieties that suit your needs. It gives you a lifetime warranty for its usage. 

2. 1955-1957 Chevy Front End Bra Masks
It enhances the ionic beauty of your car while you are driving your car on the road. It helps to prevent your car and the bumper of the car from the potential road debris that comes while driving. It is also made in the USA and helps you to prevent the car paints from harmful items on the road. Therefore these car bras are very useful for your cars. 

3. Colgan Custom Car & Truck Bras
This car bras and masks have a super soft inner flannel backing that keeps the paint of the car scratch free. It can be installed easily and it comes with already bent hooks; no tools are required for its installation. It is very much UV-Rays resistance for the top coat of the car. It gives you 3 years of warranty for its usage.