Thursday, August 23, 2018

You Have Been Gone For 10 Years

Last weekend, our whole family gathered to offer prayers for my late mother who has gone for 10 years. I can't believe that she has left us for a decade. It appears like she was still with us last year, celebrating Chinese New Year together while enjoying our scrumptious feast for our reunion dinner. Somehow part of me still cannot accept the fact that she is gone. I cursed God for snatching her away from us without really being able to enjoy whatever she deserves to. Then again I only have myself to blame as well as I am not a really good son to begin with...

Dear mommy. :)

My brother is pouring tea for our late mother. :) 

Daddy is burning the joss sticks.  :) 

So let the feast begin. :)

Melancholy strikes me form time to time the moment I think about my late mother. To me...she is always around-omnipresent. Sometimes when I feel sad...I would whisper her name and I could instantly feel her warmth, comforting me and giving me the strength to continue. I will always remind myself that no matter what I will soldier on for my late mother who has loved me with every single breath of hers. Whatever I have today, it is all because she loves me.

Prawn Lemak with Tenggiri Fishball prepared by wifey.

White Tom Yam by wifey.

Black bean soup with dates and wolfberry by wifey.

Mixed vegetables by wifey. :)

Buah keluak


Ikan masak "asam"

Chap Chai...I think :p

Of course our whole family's all time favourite-KFC. :D

So this praying ceremony was carried out to commemorate my late mother who has always been the beacon of our family. It is an important day for all of us. Though this cannot be a closure for me, it is a crucial moment which marks how far we have all come to where we are today. I am sure my late mother is in heaven right now. Perhaps she has been reincarnated and born into a really food family. Then again who knows that I will be meeting her again one day in my life. I am sure I could recognize her when that day comes. :)

I hope you enjoy your mouth-watering feast mommy. :)

P.S.: This post also serves as a (visual) reminder for me and my children  (and his children and so on and so forth) about how we should prepare for our ancestors' prayers every year. :)