Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup Syndrome-Work, Eat & Sleep Football

How is your World Cup Fever folks? Getting better? Mine is still a little sizzling hot and I can't shake it off. Hmm....I can't help but feel that the opening matches of this world cup is a little bit of a disappointment. So far...not much ignition, sparks and let alone horrendous fire to be seen. Hmm...maybe it is just the openers. Fret not, we still have a long way to go. Not everyone is a football fan right? Some of you will even get sick at the sight of football. But for those select few (a~hem! like me) World Cup is a blissful moment and... would probably experience the...
World Cup Syndrome!!!

World Cup Syndrome
What happened to me?

Once World Cup Syndrome gripped you, your biological clock will turn upside down. Since most of the football matches will be aired after midnight (Malaysia time) will be transformed from being a normal diurnal human into a football-watching nocturnal night owl. Ha :D Due to lack of sleep, you wake up the next day feeling like a brainless put on your working attire and dragged your both feet to work. You reached the office and everyone is staring at you. You are fashionably late and unkempt...

World Cup Syndrome
"Good morning everyone *yawn*!"

Then they say during the World Cup, you will ONLY "sleep football, eat football and drink football" aka World Cup Syndrome. true is that? Well, if you are still grabbing the Astro remote control while you are asleep, then you know you have got the syndrome. Your bedroom gotta have one of those World Cup posters. You replace your bolster with a football instead. All you can think about even in your dream is World Cup!

World Cup Syndrome
Do you "sleep" football?

If you are grasped by the World Cup Syndrome, everything that you eat and drink will be "football"! You will use your football as your "makeshift table" while munching your football-like chipsmore cookies. Yum! Yum! Then when it comes to drinking, you will only quench your thirst with a cup that has something to do with World Cup just like the McD's World Cup contour glass. Then only you will feel replenished!

Do you "drink and eat" football too?
World Cup Syndrome
Must use MacDonald's World Cup Contour Glass!

World Cup Syndrome
Me and my chipsmore.

Of course the World Cup Syndrome is not only restricted to eating, sleeping and drinking activities. Once clutched by it, you will be passing your motion with football too. Ha :D Yep! Answering nature's loud call will not be complete without a hint of World Cup. A World Cup magazine should be read while you are sitting in the "Staring Room". You see, football fans are efficient multitasker too. We don't waste our time at all during this World Cup! LOL :D

World Cup Syndrome
What are you looking at?

Ardent football fans like us would bask in glory if we can predict the outcome of a football match, more so if it is for our favourite teams. Prediction is not only about luck you know. In order to churn out the best "divination", we will scrutinize the two competing teams. We will compile the complete analytics of the respective teams, their injury list, their tactics, their coaches, their zodiacs et. cetera! You see, it is not easy right? Now where's my scientific calculator?

World Cup Syndrome
Hmm...who will prevail?

After toiling and struggling the whole day...night is the moment all of us (footies) have been waiting for. It is the time to watch all those live football matches. Woot! You flip the channels and come there is nothing? OMG! I don't have Astro Sports Channel. How about you? You can't watch those exclusive LIVE football matches unless you have subscribed to the sport channels. Nooooooooooo! I don't want to go out to the mamak to watch football with all those cigarette smokes hanging around my face. So what can I do?

World Cup Syndrome
Huh? I didn't have Sport channel?

Then only I remembered that I can surf the internet to get all the live updates and gamecast of the matches. So I am not missing any action at all. With a little tweaks and tricks here and there, I can even watch all the exclusive live matches right from my laptop. A~ha! That's the wonder of having wireless broadband at my disposal. I can surf (and be served) with live World Cup football updates anytime and anywhere that I want to. Woohoo! Are you harnessing your broadband power too?

World Cup Syndrome
Now I am in control. Muahaha :D

Still remember those cute little blue bears that I have mentioned earlier on my World Cup Fever post? They are the limited edition Blue Bears that Celcom is giving away in. So far 5 out of 8 of these cute bears are already available. But you have to wait if you wanna grab Beargentina, Bearitalia and Bearzil. How can these blue bears be yours? Easy-peasy. Sign up for one of the selected Celcom Broadband plans. If you are an existing Celcom Broadband customer, the only thing you need to do is buy an extra 5GB of data volume before 11th July 2010.

World Cup Syndrome, Celcom Blue Bear

With this Celcom Broadband, you can surf and check for all the football updates effortlessly at anywhere and anytime that you like. Here's a BONUS for you: By signing up for new broadband plans or purchase an additional 5GB of data volume, you will be in the running for RM10,000 DAILY! Yes! RM10,000. Imagine what you can do with this 10 grands.

World Cup Syndrome, Celcom Blue Bear
Do you want one? Here's how you can get it.

(Step 1) For New Customers you will need to subscribe to one of these broadband plans from now until 11th July 2010 and instantaneously you will be getting one of these blue bears. :)

<span class=

(Step 1) For Existing Customers (just like me) is no brainer at all. Follow these 3 simple steps to redeem your lovely Celcom Blue Bears. Firstly, purchase an additional 5GB of data volume (you gonna need it, I can assure you) for only RM20.

(Step 2) Then register with Celcom's Online Customer Service at HERE.

(Step 3) Retrieve your very own UNIQUE serial number and carefully select the date which you are eligible to claim your Blue Bear. If you’ve been shortlisted for a particular day, Celcom will ring you and you will need to answer a simple question. Answer the question and voila you will be able to take home RM10,000.

Lastly remember to show your retrieved unique serial number at any Celcom Blue Cube or branch to redeem your cute Blue Bear ya! Now, besides checking Soccernet for football updates, you can also entertain yourselves during this World Cup by visiting Celcom's very own VS (Versus) website. It gotta be one of the coolest site for football enthusiastic! You will discover a treasure trove-the Blue Locker, loaded with desktop wallpapers, ringtones, online football games and the cute Bearigamy! I tell you I am so in love with the Bearigamy! Get yours and see if you are good at folding origamy. Haha :D

World Cup Synrome, Celcom Blue Bear
Have tonnes of fun at VS!

*yawn* I am feeling sleepy right now. I am a nocturnal beast for this one whole month, remember? So I gotta stop here or else I will go haywire and start writing more nonsense. Goodness! Another long winding post about World Cup from me aye. I am sure those who are not football fan (such as Suituapui) will feel ultra bored and write me this "ZZZZzzzz" comment again. You cannot put the blame on me folks. It is not my fault. It is because of the World Cup Syndrome. Are you suffering from it too? :p

World Cup Syndrome
World Cup Syndrome-It is all about the football!