Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dutch World Cup Minidress Is Illegal?

Let's get back to our World Cup Fever shall we? If you have watched the World Cup match between Holland (aka Oranje) between Denmark, you could not have missed the vibrant orange hues all over the stadium right? Especially those ladies who clad in orange minidress. Yes, the women who don their orange minidress were attractive, controversial, a little distracting and maybe even ILLGEAL? What? And these dutch minidress girls have been condemned by FIFA for engaging in such an "illicit activity". Why they were labelled illicit? Two of these orange minidress girls were also arrested.

World Cup,Dutch Minidress
Vibrant Oranje Minidress. Chic! :)

Apparently the 2 women who were the organizers of the Dutch Minidress scheme were arrested because they were suspected of ambush marketing! Huh? "Ambush Marketing"? This is the first time I have heard such a phrase. These 2 women were apprehended by Johannesburg cops for their alleged role of sending 30 women in orange minidress to ADVERTISE on behalf of a Dutch brewer company-Bavaria! Goodness, talking about strict rule enforcement in Africa aye?

World Cup,Dutch Minidress
The 2 women charged for ambushing the World Cup?

Both of them have been prosecuted under the Contravention of Merchandise Marks Act which covers ambush marketing, when a company benefits from an event without paying for advertising. In this case was Bavaria the mastermind? So who on earth pressed charges against the Orange Minidress campaign? Very on...

World Cup,Dutch Minidress
This is called "Ambush Marketing"?

World Cup,Dutch Minidress
That's the Bavaria "signature" gesture?
They were doing "illicit act" holding up both of their hands?

The main suspect is of course FIFA BUT...FIFA claims it didn't press charges (Yeah right?) against the two women who are accused of running the minidress campaign. *Sniff! Sniff* Smell so fishy here. Why on earth the police would wanna pursue such an innocuous case? I doubt that they even noticed about it. A~ha! It all boils down to FIFA's iron-fisted protection of its official sponsors-sponsors such as Budweiser, which has paid millions to be the official beer of the World Cup. Now let me ask you again...who do you think is the most likely to press charges against the 2 ladies?

World Cup,Dutch Minidress
No logos or anything on their minidress...

World Cup,Dutch Minidress
The only thing I can spot is Coca Cola! :/

Then again...I couldn't spot any words, logos, signs or even cheering formation indicating that these minidress girls were promoting for the Dutch Brewer-Bavaria. Can you? All I could see is the Coca Cola banner and bottle. So why on earth they were being branded illicit? Why FIFA? Or did I missed something here? :p

P.S.: Who says you can't learn anything from the Word Cup? I have learnt about "Ambush Marketing" and "Merchandise Act" in this Dutch Minidress scandal. LOL :D

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