Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Will Win An Astro B.yond PVR?

Haven't your heard about the buzz in Midvalley Megamall yet? Nope? You didn't something is going to erupt in Midvalley? Where have you been? Ha :D Apparently there will some sort of a bloggers gathering next month on the 5th of June from 10am to 8pm at Midvalley Megamall. Actually there are 4 famous bloggers who will be put in an enclosure during this event. Wanna know who these well known Malaysian bloggers are? That my friends, you have to read on to find out!

Fear Factor,Astro PVR,Midvalley
I gotta be there!

These 4 celebrated bloggers who comprise of 2 males and 2 females will converge for the Astro PVR Contest. So what are they supposed to do? A~ha! Here's the interesting part: they will be scrutinized to the max! Meaning that these 4 bloggers will have to complete a particular assigned task. I believe they will be tormented physically and mentally just like what happened to all the Fear Factor contestants! Wow...makes me wonder...

...if these 4 bloggers will have to...
Fear Factor,Astro PVR,Midvalley
Eat lots of chillies?
Nah...too easy...

Fear Factor,Astro PVR,Midvalley
Or they will be pegged? Ouch!

Fear Factor,Astro PVR,Midvalley
Worse still...playing scrabble while being pegged?

Fear Factor,Astro PVR,Midvalley
Or they will be electrocuted...

Fear Factor,Astro PVR,Midvalley
...while trying to solve the "magic cube"?

Nah~The above tasks sound way too easy for them huh! Or they will be subjected to their own phobia? Or all these 4 bloggers will have to be put through some real life-threatening tasks and encounters such as...

Fear Factor,Astro PVR
being closed in a coffin with worms?

Fear Factor,Astro PVR
Let the snakes slither around your pretty face?

Fear Factor,Astro PVR
Or let the scorpions play in your mouth for several hours?

So now do you wanna know who are the fantastic 4 bloggers? Can you guess? If you are an avid Malaysian bloggers, chances are you will know them. Some Malaysian bloggers actually worship them! Ha :D *Drum roll* The 4 bloggers who will be "tortured" and put through "hell" on the 5th of June in Midvalley are...

I am sure you know almost all of them right? As for me, I only know Eiling because I used to comment in her blogs. So Eyeris, Eiling, Redmummy and Beautifulnara are going to be pitted against each other and see who will prevail in this"Fear Factor" competition. Can they withstand the ridiculous ordeal? Let's see who will come out unscathed ok? Now moment of truth! Who do you think will be the victor? I will vote for Eiling. Why? Because she is the only one I know. Period. :p

All the best. :)

Will you make a trip to Midvalley to attend this event to see who will win? I might go you know because my holidays will commence on the 3rd of June so I can catch a glimpse of the 4 bloggers in their terrible, sorry-state when they are being "abused". Haha :D And yeah, this event is in conjunction with Astro Byond PVR road show, so you might wanna check them out of Astro's FB Fanpage. There is also an RRPP contest for you guys to join there. The event actually starts on the 1st of June right up to 5th of June where you will see the epic battle between the 4 bloggers. See you guys there.

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