Friday, June 4, 2010

I Am 25 Years OLD already

Some of you asked me in my previous post how old I am right? Four days ago, officially I reached the 25-year-old mark! Yes, I am already 25 years old...I am OLD already~lor! Another 75 years to go and I will be a centenarian. Ha :D Times flies. So fast that sometimes I am gasping for air to breathe. Phew! Actually birthday means a lot to me. My birthday means that on that very day, my beloved late mother had put her life on the line in order to bring me into this beautiful world. 25 years had gone and a lot has changed. But what really saddens me is my dearest mother is not here anymore...

Black Pepper KFC & Breadstick! Scrummy!

I went to the temple the morning on my birthday...knelt in front of my mother's urn and prayed. Instantly emotion starts running down my face. At that very moment I felt empty. It is such a shame that my mother is not here anymore. But I am sure up above in heaven, my mama would want to draw a smile on my face and celebrate my birthday. I wiped my tears and smiled at my mama. After all my birthday signifies my mom's dedication and sacrifice for me. That night both my dad and wife celebrated my birthday with me. :)

What's your flavour?

The hot & spicy royal masala. Looks messy aye? :p

Seafood tuna! I love those stuffed crust cheese...

We had pizzas and the latest black pepper KFC chicken. We bought 2 pizzas...which is a mistake. Moreover we also ordered garlic bread and mushroom soup. By the time I forcibly stuffed the last piece of royal Masala into my, I could hardly move with my bloated stomach anymore. Burrrppp :O Goodness...I felt like I live to eat. It is ok, after all it was just for that one day.

Is it delicious daddy? :p

Then while I was furiosly typing away in front of the laptop, my dearest wife asked me whether I wanted to go out to have dessert. What? Dessert? Where will that desert fit in my tummy?

Can you GUESS what we had
for DESSERT for my birthday! :)

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