Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thanks For All The Birthday Wishes

As some of you know yesterday was my birthday. Yep! I am a year older now. If you are following me on Facebook of course you would know it was my Birthday. :p Since Sunday night I have been bombarded with birthday wishes from all my friends and acquittance. I wanna thank all my friends who remembered my birthday. Thank you guys. You folks rock! I was still in birthday "mode" plus tonnes of deadlines to be met, that's why I am MIA in your blog and on my own blog. My apologize! :(

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Thanks. :)

Basically I was inundated with birthday wishes via 3 different "channels". The first one was Facebook wall-to-wall messages. Yep! Facebook has certainly helped in reminding (forcing) my friends that yesterday was my birthday. Then back in my company, almost all my colleagues (close to 100) greeted me because my company website actually announced that it was my birthday. Ha :D And finally the last method was via phone. Friends from all over the country sms and called me to send me their warmest wishes.

Well, that's all for today folks.
Again thank you for your messages. :)

P.S. As mentioned earlier, I would be MIA for a while due to other commitments. I am sorry. But fret not I can foresee that I will be back soon. :)

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