Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Screwed Up My Olympus?

Who or what actually screwed up my Olympus cameras? Not one, but two of my Olympus cameras cannot be used anymore. I tried to snap photos and video for my upcoming projects last week but to my surprise both my Olympus had the same time? Why I am so jinxed? Arrgghhhh....*fuming* I am still trying to figure out why both were goners at the same time. Is it because I put my cameras too close to the TV?

Olympus Camera
What happened to my Olympus?

I didn't drop both of me cameras and neither did they suffer from any knocks. Why? Is it because of the TV? Can any avid shutterbugs tell me what had happened? Enlighten me please? The more advanced 7.1megapixel all-weather Olympus looks fine when you are not performing any task. But the moment you snapped a photo, hit the "preview" button the outcome will turn out to be white in colour! All you see is lots of "white strips" covering your original photo. Why is this so? Something wrong with the camera's processor?

Olympus Camera
My poor u760 Olympian!

My second "antique" camera which is the 3.1megapixel Olympus is also suffering the same fate. Worse actually. Why? Because I couldn't even switch it on. I tried and tried and tried...but allmy efforts were in vain. Damn! I used this bulky camera as a substitute to the other slimmer Olympus. But now it seems both my Olympus have given up on me?

Olympus Camera
My old, trusty Olympian!

I am so enraged right now. At the same time I am sad and disappointed with what had happened. Both my cameras are "broken". The slim Olympus is given to me by my wife, whilst the bulkier one was handed to me by my late mommy. I have let both my mommy and wifey down. I feel so terrible right now. *sob* :'( I am not going to give up on them yet. I will see what I can do to revive both of them. Until then I wanna know...


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