Wednesday, December 12, 2012

PricePanda Give You The Best Prices!

Ever have this sinking feeling of knowing that the brand new smartphone that you had just bought could have been cheaper by at least a few hundred bucks? It happened to me before. If only we know how to hunt for the best price for our dream gadgets, we won't be burning our pockets that oftren. That is exactly what PricePanda can offer us-the savvy consumers. PricePanda is an online price comparison service in Malaysia that allows you to get the best price for your dream gadgets-be it smartphones, cameras, computers, software and many more. You will be shocked to know how cheap your bargains could be.

It's time to be a smart shopper!

PricePanda allows you to browse for your desired gadget without the hassle of being trapped in the bumper-to-bumper jam, neither will be pestered by the insistent salesperson. With PricePanda, you have the luxury of shopping for what you want at your own sweet time at the comfort of your home (of in your office cubicle). It is time for us to know how to shop smart so that our hard-earned money is not wasted.

So you want a Samsung Galaxy S3?

What I personally love about PricePanda is that it is easy to find comparison of prices of gadgets that I want. Take for example if you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3. All you have to do is compare the prices for Samsung Galaxy S3 in Malaysia and voila you will get a list of merchants who are offering their respective best prices. Choose the lowest and you will be a proud owner of a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 in no time. You can have your peace of mind when you are shopping with PricePanda as all the merchants are verified, reputable online retailers in Malaysia such as Mobile Mega Mall, Lazada, Lelong, Youbeli, just to name a few. That means everything you buy will have a reliable warranty.

For RM1,500 you can get the best smartphone in the world!
Isn't this CHEAP?

Christmas is just round the corner. It is time to get some electrifying gifts for your loved ones at rock-bottom prices. Rest assured that PricePanda will help you to find the best gifts at the best price for Christmas. And from the savings that you have made, you can even afford to buy a gift for yourself? Imagine Samsung Galaxy S3 for only RM1,500. That's real steal. What are you waiting? Head over to PricePanda right now.

It is Christmas and it means gift-giving time!