Sunday, January 27, 2019

Get Cheap Used Books at My Children's Books

A reader lives a thousand life before he dies while the man who never reads live only once. This quote is so profound and it means so much to me. We are all aware that there is nothing like the smell of paper and the rustle of the pages as we flip gently through our book with our fingers. Can e-books replace the traditional pages of bounded words? I doubt as I have read both "books" and I will always return to the REAL books of mine. That is why I have always inculcate in my children the importance of reading. :)

There are thousand to choose from 

You can browse according to age group. :)

I am proud to say that both Jordan boy and Jasmine girl have fallen in love with books ever since we bought lots of books for them when they were still little babies. The problem is...they have turned into voracious book readers; So much so that I can't keep up with their pace of reading in terms OF buying new books for them. As we are aware good books do not come cheap right? That was the case until I stumbled upon My Children's Books. Gosh! Why didn't I discover this earlier?

Both Jordan and Jasmine are choosing their books. :)

Introducing My Children's Books which is a one stop website in Malaysia for you to purchase cheap used books online which are still in amazingly new condition. I have browsed through their extensive collection and I must admit that I am impressed with the plethora of titles available at our disposal. There are thousands of books for you to choose from with discounts up to 80%! Damn...I wish I had known this earlier. I could have saved so much money while still providing my little monsters with books to read.

You can also choose through these suggested categories.

Upon unearthing this gem online, I asked my children's opinions on what they want to read. Since the books sold in this online bookstore are so CHEAP, I actually allowed both of them to choose as many books as they fancy. Wow! I look so generous and loving to them. LOL :D In fact I even cast the list of books on my TV to let them have a clearer picture on what they can choose. This online bookstore is special as it distinctively categorized all the books according to different age groups. This is truly an added convenience from them.

I want this book! I want this book! 

I wanna be a dork! I wanna be a dork! LOL :D

So we headed to the "ages 9 to 12" category and started on our wonderful book-choosing journey. Both of them were visibly excited and picked as many books that they could. I kept on reminding them, "No worries, just choose any books that you like!" Of course I could boast in such a way as the books are really, really cheap. :p So after browsing the inventory for almost half an hour, we finally narrowed down the books that they wanted to read and voila we headed to the check out with our shopping cart.

These are the books that we had ordered.

All in all, we had purchased 15 books of different genres ranging from novel to encyclopedia. Guess how much did all of these books cost? So we bought 15 books for only RM149.20 (US$36)? I really can't believe it but that's the amount that we had to pay. After checking out, my two little babies couldn't stop nagging me, asking me when THEIR books would arrive. I said soon-soon. The next morning, they asked the same question again-When will our books arrive? Soon! :p

After two days, I received a knock from Poslaju, informing me that my parcel had arrived. Yupe~it took only two days for the books to arrive at my doorstep. Ouh~by the way, did I mention that they provide FREE SHIPPING as well for purchase of over RM100? So with My Children's Books, you do not have to worry about your books being more expensive due to the shipping fees. A total piece of mind knowing that you are getting the most bang for your hard-earned money.

Can we unwrap our books already? :p

The moment my two kiddos returned from school, DAMN~they were so excited to see the grey package as they knew that the books that they had been yearning for days (39 hours to be exact) were finally right in front of them. They quickly grabbed their scissors and started to "unwrap" their books. I will never forget the joy in their eyes when they held the books in their hands. Priceless. I have always believed that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. I am glad that I can buy more books for them now thanks to My Children's Books.


Can you guys slow down a bit? 

Almost there. :p

Happily holding their books. :D

So dear parents (and grandparents) out there: Do not deprive our little ones the joy of reading books-REAL books. Nothing can substitute the pleasure and benefits that the pages in a book can provide our children. Contrary to popular belief, reading is not really an expensive hobby as you can always find cheap, used books online and they are still in absolutely new condition-some are even minted. The more our children read, the more knowledgeable they will become and they will of course have more sense of empathy as well. 

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