Sunday, April 17, 2011

Philea Resort & Spa Is A Haven In Malacca

Last month I had this very rare opportunity to dine in one of the largest and biggest log resort in Malaysia-Philea Resort and Spa. I was there to celebrate Earth Hour with a few other blogger friends. To be completely honest with you, I don't have the slightest idea at all that this resort existed (no disrespect)...not until I set my foot into this "sanctuary". I can't believe that I am so clueless about this beautiful resort as it is in my very own "backyard", and I call myself a true Malaccan? What a shame right?

Philea Resort & Spa has truly mesmerized me!

This majestic (yes it truly is) resort happens to be located just before the Ayer Keroh tol. Stepping into Philea resort makes me feel like I am in a if this place is like a haven in Malacca. No wonder the resort's tag line is "A haven inspired by the heavens..." I can't help but agree though. Of course I have been to numerous 5-star hotels across our country, but never have I seen anything like Philea Resort before. As far as I is one of its kind.

I waited for the other bloggers in this place.

Spacious lobby.

Do you have any idea that Philea Resort was built by using 8,000 pieces of disused railway sleepers for staircases? Besides that the block fencing was built from scratch using at least 6,000 tons of marble from Perak. The most unbelievable stuff that made their ways into Philea are recycled materials found from shipwreck! They are the furniture sitting handsomely in the lobby right now. I have personally seen them while waiting for the other blogger friends at the lobby the other day.

OMG! Look at the log villas.

So many trees surrounding the villas.

I wanna stay in this luxurious villa so badly.

Before the other blogger friends arrived I decided to take a stroll in the resort and I was utterly dumbfound with what my eyes have discovered. Row after row of palatial villas made from logs lay before yours truly me.  It was really a breathtaking sight to behold. No joke. I have never see anything quite like...they are truly unique. It is a shame that I couldn't stay in one of these luxurious residences. Hence I have no photos or whatsoever to show you guys how it looks and feels from the inside. However here are a collection of photos that I have grabbed from Philea Resort:

Slideshow featuring Philea Resort & Spa
Like what you have seen, Philea is really one green resort. This 15 acres resort has been specially planned to allow guests to be as close to nature as possible. Do you know that more than 3,000 trees have been planted within the resort. That is why your eyes will be soothed by the lush greeneries no matter when you are in Philea. I can imagine myself waking up every morning, walk to the door an grab my newspaper wit the natural backdrop greeting me. Awww... :)

How to get to Philea Resort & Spa

Lot 2940, Jalan Ayer Keroh,
Off Jalan Plaza Tol, 75450 Ayer Keroh,
Melaka, Malaysia.

Tel: +606 233 3399
Fax: +606 233 2299

for more information do visit their website:

What do you think folks? If you are not from Malacca and wish to visit this historical state I would  recommend Philea Resort for you and your loved ones. It is truly the place to stay if you happen to come to my hometown-Malacca. Heck me, myself who is a Malaccan would love to stay in Philea Resort even for just one night for free. *hint! hint!* Haha :D Seriously one of these days I will certainly bring my loved ones here for our luxurious getaway.

Until we meet again Philea Resort. :)