Monday, April 18, 2011

My Earth Hour At Philea Resort & Spa

Earth hour: What did you and your family or friends do during this 60 minutes? Some of you switch off all the lights and napped for a while; Some crawled up their roofs and admired the glittering stars; Some went camping in the jungle without the aid of any electricity...serious? I believe all of us had our very own unique way of celebrating Earth Hour right? As for me...I celebrated this year's Earth Hour with a bunch of blogger friends amongst a myriad of glorious food.

So what shall I draw?

However I am not going to talk about the food that savoured that evening. I am going to share with you how I celebrate Earth Hour in Philea Resort & Spa. From the above photo can you guess what I was about to do next? Yours truly me actually drew a picture in the dark using crayons during Earth Hour. What a great way to remind us why we should respect and love our Mother Nature right? I really enjoyed drawing in the dark with other fellow guests.

Me sharing a candle with my little friend. :)

A~ha! What was I drawing? Picture courtesy of Submerryn.

Let's take good care of Mother Earth for our babies shall we?

This is my very first time drawing in the dark. It was not easy at all to draw this picture you know. I can't even figure out what color of crayons I was using. It was like groping in the dark. LOL :D I enjoyed the little boy's company. He kept on talking about the game that we both played-Plants VS Zombies. Of course we also discussed about how sick Mother Earth is. Well...I guess this must be one of the most eventful Earth Hour I have ever had. How about you folks?

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