Sunday, April 17, 2011

2 New Teethers: Musical & Dora The Explorer

Have I told any of you that my little Jordan has 2 new teeth popped out of his gum. :p Now his two white enamels can be seen sticking out whenever he smiles. Too bad I have no picture of his brand new teeth to show to you guys in this post. So what does having teeth means to little Jordan now-It is biting time. Haha :D Right now little Jordan would love to taste every single thing that comes in contact with him. He would love to sink his new teeth into whatever that he has stuffed into his little mouth. LOL :D

Little Jordan 2 new teethers. :)

I don't know why babies like to bite...maybe it is because their new teeth make their gums feel itchy? Hence babies like to gnaw their toys a lot to ease the nagging itchiness? Can any dentist or pediatrician explain this phenomena to us? Then again it might be due to the fact that they are practicing how to chew their food in the future? That is why my wife and I bought little Jordan 2 new teethers to help him ease the itch or pain or prepare him how to chew his food?

Little Jordan looking at his Dora Twister Teeth (left) and Musical teether.

The one on the right is a musical teether from Fisher Price; while the other one on the left is a Dora Twister Teether. Little Jordan loves both of his new toys almost instantaneously. He enjoys listening to the tune of the magical teether while biting it. Ha :D Likewise his Dora Twister Teether offers him a different kind of experience. When he bites the Twister teether, it will emit squeaking sounds. My wife and I are happy to see little Jordan enjoying his new toys food.

Which one is your favourite?

Hopefully with these 2 new teethers, little Jordan will be able to strengthen his teeth and prepare himself for solid food in the future. Then again from now onwards my wife and I should be on our toes because...both of us might be his "teethers" right now. I think I look like the musical teether while my wifey looks like the Dora Twister Teether. Haha :D Don't bite mommy and daddy ok~Jordan boy? :p

Enjoy your teethers ok Jordan boy. :D