Saturday, April 16, 2011

RM203,000 Up For Grab. Grabbed Yours Yet?

What??? Nobody tells you that RM203,00 is up for grabbing? That's a very good news for those who likes to get free money without working for it. The not-so-good-news is...we have to share that RM203Ks. Say what? Ha :D Then again it is always good to win some money without virtually doing anything right? So who on earth is so generous that he or she is willing to splurge RM203,000for all of us? It is not he or she but....WE, to be more precise. This is actually a community giveaway project organized by them.

I have grabbed mine. :)

Now a little bit of flashback: I have talked about WeBuy some time ago (I WeBUY Already & Get Huge Discounts)...if you still remember? For the uninitiated it is actually a group buying site that harnesses the power of "We", which is collective buying to get what we want at a cheaper price. Talking about the RM203,000 community giveaway project...I lied about doing virtually nothing to get you share of RM203,000. You do have to move a few muscles of yours in order to share the giveaway. All you have to do is sign up with WeBUY and "Buy" to participate. Pretty no-brainer right? :p

What are you waiting for?

RM203,000 is a lot of money. All in all this giveaway project will be giving out RM200,000 + RM3,000 worth of WeBUY e-waller money. So how does this who community giveaway project works? Pay attention ok? Don't blink....Once there are 500 participants for this project each of us will get RM3; When we have 1,500 participants each of us will be getting RM5; This whole unbelievable "deal" goes on until we have 10,000 participants and each of us will have RM20! A~ha! So the more people who join the more money we will get. Easy peasy~ler? Ouh yeah...wait, wait, wait...10 lucky participants (one of them is gonna be me) will have an extra RM300! So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

I am sure we can make a difference. :D

*Pst! Pst!* Wanna know how you can get more money deposited into your WeBuy e-wallet? All you have to do is refer a friend to join WeBUY and you will be rewarded with RM5. So let say if you are able to refer all your classmates of 40 to join you will be getting *click~click* 40 x RM5 = RM200 worth of e-Wallet money. That's a lot of money. That is why you should sign up right now by using my very own unique referral ID --><-- so that I can earn more. Ha :D

Photobucket know what...I am really hungry after blabbering for so much. Now let's talk about food shall we? Currently WeBuy is offering us a 60% discount for a full set of high tea with pastry lunch at just RM11 at The Tea Republic! The original price is RM28 and wait...that's not will also get RM5 cash voucher on your next visit. Now this is what we call value-added right? I am sure all citeazen will be happy to know about this irresisteable offer. Ha :D

Who wanna have high tea at The Tea Republic?
You are surely going to The Tea Republic after watching this her video.

Not's another must-grab offer for those who cherish their crowning glory. For just RM80, you will get to enjoy the luxury 5-star hair spa treatment + cut + blow worth RM200 at Shawn Cutler! Moreover you will also be rewarded another RM50 cash voucher for your next visit. That's RM250 in total! It's time to pamper you hair and style not just your hair....but your style as well. :)

I wanna give my hair spa treatment too. Only RM80!!!

Watch how Shawn Cutlet can weave his magic into every single strand of your hair!

Before We call it a day...don't forget that We are supposed to sign up with WeBUY in order for us to get more discounts right? In times like this...We must be smart to stretch We our money but at the same time still enjoy  and pamper We-ourselves. So more We less me right? Hurry up and grab your share of RM203,000! The more people who join the more all of us will save and gain. :)

Yes We are, so WeBUY!