Friday, June 10, 2011

MasterCard: It's Not Just A Card, It's An MTV World Stage Pass

Behold the ultimate Entertainment card! With this can open up door(s) to the biggest stage in the universe-MTV World Stage. Ha :D More about the card later, shall we? Do you know that MTV World Stage is actually a global series that gathers up all the multi-genres talents for almost 550 millions households. MTV World Stage is "recorded" live at the most exclusive gigs, famous music festivals and one of the kinds concert locations from all over our planet earth. If you like, you can assume MTV World Stage as the premier "front row seat" for we music lovers to enjoy watching and admiring all those biggest artists right in the comfort of your leather couch with your remote in your hand.

Do you have this card?

Maybe you don't have the slightest idea about this MTV World Stage thingy right? No problemo. Let me take you back in time. *Tape rewinding* Back in 2009, on the 19th of August, MTV Asia staged its very first outdoor MTV World Stage Live in Sunway Lagoon. Guess how many attended this event here? Altogether a whopping 15,000 fans were there basking in the glory of music. Now...we are in 2011...MTV World Stage will be in its third year. Are you ready for this year's MTV World Stage?

Do you wanna go to the Mars with them?

Watch 30 Seconds to Mars's From Yesterday!

Wanna know who will be making your jaw drop in this third MTV World Stage? Ready? Fasten your seat belts now everyone for you will be blasted out of earth and Thirty Seconds to Mars. Yes! One of the world's biggest rock band-30 Seconds to Mars, with 10 MTV awards to their name will be rocking you the whole night! Besides that our very own homegrown talents-Pop Shuvit, will be jamming alongside the Martians to thrill you. Catch them live at i-City, Shah Alam this coming 24th of July.

I am a MasterCard-er! :)

Now...can we talk about the elusive card mentioned earlier? May I present you the one and only card that gives you exclusive access to MTV World Stage live in i-City (Malaysia) on the 24th of July...this is the card that will bring you closer to is...MasterCard. is not just a card, MasterCard is your MTV World Stage Pass! Now in conjunction with the upcoming MTV World Stage, MasterCard is having this special promotion only for MasterCard holders. There are 2 different tiers to this exciting promotion:
  1. First 1,000 to register via SMS will get a pair of exclusive MTV World Stage passes and Snowalk @i-City passes. (Wow~that easy? But you must hurry!)
  2. Among the people who have registered via SMS, 2 lucky winners will get the Rock On Priceless Package which includes:
    • A pair of MTV World Stage Party passes. (Did I hear party?)
    • Limousine ride to MTV World Stage.
    • Date with MTV VJ Holly and autographed MTV memorabilia.
    • A chance to meet and greet the MTV World Stage artists.
Who wanna meet this holy smoking Holly?

Ok! Ok! I know you are uber excited about this promotion. So this is what you have to do to grab your very own MTV World Stage Pass. Ready? Don't forget to bookmark this post of take down what I am about to share with you in your notebook:

  1. From June 1-30, sign up for a Debit MasterCard (Yes! All you need is Debit. Not credit card) and then charge RM30 (over a maximum of 3 transactions) and register via SMS.
  2. If you are an existing Debit MasterCard cardholder, simply charge RM60  (over a maximum of 3 transactions) and register via SMS.
  3. Registration: SMS "MCMTV <space> Your Name <space> NRIC Number" to 33387 by 30th of June, 2011.
Easy-peasy right? I have already signed up for my Debit MasterCard. will ask, "Why would I want to sign up for a Debit MasterCard?" Well...for starters with Debit MasterCard you will have the convenience to pay with your card rather than struggling with your notes and coins at the counter. With your Debit MasterCard by your side, rest assure that you don't have to worry about running out of cash in your wallet anymore. Besides that online shoppers will be happy to know that it will allow you to buy your stuff completely safe. Best of all with Debit MasterCard you know you will be prudent with your spending and shop within your means unlike a credit card. :p

All you need is a Debit MasterCard!

So what are you waiting folks? Sign up for your very own Debit MasterCard to get your special pass to MTV World Stage. Walk in to any of these banks to grab your very own Debit MasterCard: Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, Bank Rakyat, CIMB Bank, EON Bank, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and UOB. For more information, please visit MasterCard ( As for me I have signed up mine from UOB. MTV World Stage, here I come. :)