Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Only Anmum Essential Has Absolutely No Added Sugars!

As most of you guys have known, my wife and I have switched to Anmum Essential ever since we know that it is the healthiest milk for our Jordan boy. Initially we fed Jordan boy a Japanese brand growing up milk after we weaned him off breast milk. However we later discovered the unbelievable shocking truth-that the milk was loaded with a lot added sugars. That is why my wife have switched to Anmum Essential because it is still the ONLY growing up milk which does not have added sugars. Our Jasmine girl has started to feed on Anmum Essential milk powder as well. :)

My healthy and happy Jordan boy. :)

However, recently there has been a strong debate about added sugars in growing up milk powder in Malaysia. More and more companies are claiming that their formulations of growing up milk powder contain no added sugars as well. Today I am going to show you an independent research study that calls into question all the claims made by these companies about their growing up milk powder having no added sugars. At the end of my blog post, you will know why Anmum Essential is still the ONLY choice of growing up milk without added sugars.

What are you playing with Jordan boy?

More and more growing up milk powders in Malaysia have claimed that their formulations have no added sugars, no sucrose, reduced sugars etc....BUT are their claims real? It is a bit confusing to know whether there are added sugars or not based on the labels alone right? Fortunately there is a better, more effective way to determine whether a growing up milk powder is healthy for your kids or not.

My bubbly Jordan Boy.

Now, with Glycemic Load (GL), you can tell if a growing up milk powder is really the best choice for your children's health. But before that, what is Glycemic Load? For those uninitiated, Glycemic Load is the measurement of the changes in the sugar level in the bloodstream of a child after drinking glass of growing up milk. If a growing up milk powder has high GL, it means there is a lot of added sugars which causes blood sugar spike; Likewise low GL means no or low added sugars, which is healthier.

My Jordan boy when he is serious.

I stumbled upon an independent research recently showing the GL of 7 different growing up milk powder in Malaysia. Out of the 7, ONLY ONE (which is Anmum Essential) growing up milk powder has a low GL of 2.6 which is similar to natural whole milk. That is why we parents should choose growing up milk powder with low GL. So which is growing up milk powder am I referring? Of course it is Anmum Essential which contains absolutely no added sugars because it is the only growing up milk powder with low GL.

Glycemic Load for different growing up milk powder.

As I have mentioned earlier, there is no way I am going to compromise the health of my both children. There is no way I am going to risk my Jordan's and Jasmine's health. I am baffled to know that other brands of growing up milk powder in Malaysia are loaded with added sugars. Didn't they know that added sugars are unhealthy for our kids? Fortunately their misleading claims of "no added sugars" have been foiled by an independent research. So now we parents should be more careful when choosing the right growing up milk powder for our children.

Mommy and Papa will give you the best that we can. :)
My darling Jordan boy.