Monday, September 3, 2018

Audra Lets You Take Control of Your Internet

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules

The Internet has truly revolutionized our life, bringing untold benefits and convenience that has made almost everything possible. Then again the very Internet that we adore so much can also be a double-edge sword if it is not used properly. Our over-dependence on the Internet via digital devices such as smartphones and tablets has caused us to be slaves who crave for constant connection. Therefore we need to take control of our own technology and that is exactly what Audra Digital Wellness Device can do for us-digital detoxification.

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
Control how Internet is used in your office

As mentioned earlier, Audra is a digital wellness device that can help us to take charge of our digital life. What does it mean to be "digitally unwell"? For starters: Do you have this urge to check on your social networking sites all the time (including bedtime) such Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few? Do you spend a huge amount of time playing mobile games on your smartphones instead of sleeping? Do you have this need to binge-watch the latest Korean dramas while neglecting more important issues like studying and spending time with your family? If you answers to the questions are a resounding YES, then your tech addiction needs digital detoxification urgently! 

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
At home you can also set rules on how the Internet can be used.

Technology has indirectly caused us to lose touch with our reality-our real life. That is where Audra comes into the picture as it helps you to be in control of our life again. For the uninitiated, there are two versions of the digital wellness products that I want to introduce to you today: Audra Business and Audra Home. The former is targeted for business owners, schools and institutions while the latter is designed for household and parents. Despite the variations, both of the Audra devices aim to promote digital wellness for us.

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
SEE-We cannot deny that we are too hooked on the Internet.

So essentially what can Audra do for us? First and foremost, Audra let you rightfully have control over your Internet just the way you want it whether you are an employer or a parent. By using it, you can set how the Internet can be used whether you are in your office or at home. Besides managing excessive screen time, you can also block unwanted websites from being accessed via the Internet. If you are a parent, this is particularly crucial to prevent our young ones from browsing the wrong kind of information which will be detrimental to them; Likewise a boss will appreciate the fact that employees will be more focused as they will only be accessing websites that will directly contribute to their productivity.

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
With Audra, we can take control of our Internet again. 

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
Digital wellness is important for everyone right now!

Apart from being a tool to control the Internet, Audra can also provide your business and home with state-of-the-art security features thus giving you complete peace of mind. Unsuspecting malware and adware can easily be detected and blocked by the device before it could even do any harm to your laptops, computer or smartphones. Rest assured your critical information be it credit card details or company's digital assets will be protected from unwanted data thieves, hackers and even DDoS attacks. In other words Audra will be your ultimate gatekeeper, protecting your from any possible cyber threats.

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
My very own box of Audra Business 

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules
Setting up is easy as ABC!

So is Audra the solution to the Internet problems that you are looking for? The answer is a big YES from me. You see yours truly me is lucky enough to receive an Audra Business to review and I must admit that I am totally flabbergasted to know that such device which promotes digital wellness actually exists. Of course Apple and Google have recently rolled out features such as time limits on apps and so-called 'wind down mode'. Though these are great efforts, they are merely tools that users can simply choose to turn off and ignore. Hence, direct intervention is needed and that is why Audra Business (or Home) is the perfect gadget to control Internet usage as it is directly connected to your modem and router. The following are the top 9 features of Audra business that I would like to share with you:

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules

Top 9 Features of Audra Business

1-Group devices (for easier rule management)
2-Specific device rule setting
3-Specific website blocking
4-One Click: Bed time/study time/custom setting
5-Time quota based blocking
6-Malware/Adware blocking
7-DDos attack prevention
8-Simplified usage reports for all group devices
9-Customized notification and alert setting

Audra Digital Wellness Device My Internet My Rules

If you are looking for a total solution on how all the devices connected to your wireless network use your Internet, look no further as both Audra Business and Home can provide you with the absolute control that you need. You will be getting total convenience and blissfulness after setting it up. The best part is, the installation and set up of Audra is almost as easy as ABC. (A) Install your Audra guardian box, (B) download the app, (C) set rules for your Internet and voila! You can now enjoy peace of mind no matter where you are, knowing that your Internet is being used well at home or in the office. :)

For more information about Audra digital wellness products, please visit: Audra Official Website

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