Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Beautiful Jasmine Girl & I

My daughter Jasmine is almost 2 months old now. To be precise, our little girl is 48 days old. Ha :D Time flies huh! In no time we will be celebrating our Chinese New Year together. I can't wait to give Jasmine and her brother, each an ang pow. Aww~:D So far I must admit that little Jasmine is really, really more demanding compared to his elder brother. As I mentioned earlier, she is one tough girl. Perhaps that is why she seems to be hungry and wants to drink a lot of milk all the time.

Jasmine~you don't wanna "oin oin" (sleep) ar?
See? You can't barely open your eyes o.

Besides that, Jasmine girl also demands my wife and I to carry her all the time when she is not sleeping. Yupe! Once she has drunk her milk, she will be crying in her cot asking us to scoop her up and carry her. My wife and I will be taking turns to take care of little Jasmine and our task will be more challenging when Jordan boy returns from the babysitter's house. Sometimes I will insist that I want to carry our daughter as I want my wife to have more rest. Here's some photos of me and my naughty daughter. :)

Why you don't wanna sleep? You want mama and papa to carry is it?

Sometimes we have to carry her even when we are eating. :p

She likes to sleep in our arms.

Photobucket blissful. My wife said she has my lips. LOL :D

Papa's little precious. :D

Honestly I don't mind carrying her all the time. In fact I love cradling little Jasmine in my arms and close to my heart. After all she is growing up fast. I wanna treasure these priceless moments that I have with her. Although it is really tiring taking care of her (we have to carry her in the wee hours as well), I feel grateful that God has blessed my wife and I with such a beautiful daughter. It's not easy to have both son and daughter, right? Jasmine girl~papa loves you. :-x

It's time to sleep~Jasmine girl. :)

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