Monday, January 2, 2012

6 Simple Steps To Keep Your New Year's Resolution In 2013

It is the time of the year again where we will be sitting down with pens and markers in our hands, pondering what went wrong (or not good enough) in year 2012. So today (which is the last day of 2012), we are supposed to come out with our very own blue print that will be used to guide us in a challenging new year. Are you ready to start your new year with your best foot? Let us create our new year's resolutions for year 2013 and ensure that we don't fall off the wagon before the next December OK?

Are you penning down you new resolutions?

Before we kick-start our new year, it is important for us to understand what we really want in our brand new year. After we have shortlisted and defined what we really want, we will be planning the correct approach on how to achieve all of our new year's resolutions. Yupe! Without the correct "map" we will not be getting to our "destinations" in time and when worse comes to worst we will be lost and stranded. So we must stay focused and motivated all the time until we reach where we are heading to.

6 Steps To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions In 2013

1~Set Exciting, Achievable Goals
It will be plain useless if you keep on setting the same goals again and again every year. I'm sure some of you has been having this "lose weight" resolution for decades but nothing (those extra pounds) seems to be going off. So instead of setting losing weight as your goal, why don't you set different goals such as participating actively in marathon, swim at least thrice a week, picking up basketball etc. These goals certainly sounds concrete and more achievable right? So excite yourself with goals that you wanna reach.

2~Create Your Blueprint
This may sound a bit tedious, but if you really want to ensure that all your resolutions will be met at the end of the year, you have to create a blueprint to schedule all your goals and integrate them into your daily lives. Lock the door and write down how you are going to achieve your goals. Take out your yearly or monthly planner and start scheduling all the activities that will bring your closer to your goals. If you need to, spend a few hours to create your blueprint. In other words you are going to begin the year 2013 with the end in your mind. Look ahead now!

3~Slow & Steady Wins The Race
I am sure you know how the story ends right? The race between the slow tortoise against the blazing fast hare. You will have 365 days for you to achieve all your new year's resolutions, so you don't have to rush to the finish line when the trigger is pulled. Instead take baby steps towards your goals. Break down goals into smaller so-called "achievements". For example, you can aim to run 1km, thrice a week in the beginning and scale it higher to 3km, 5km, so on and so forth as you get better. When you break your goal into smaller "pieces", it will be more attainable and you will not feel discouraged nor overwhelmed. So you will not procrastinate and your goals will be on track. Slow and steady~

4~Call In The Back Up
Sometimes we will stray away from our goals due to lack of support. So in order for us to be on track all the time, we need back up! Join supportive groups in your community. To keep your eyes on the road all the time, you will need someone who want the best for you such as your family members, your friends or even colleagues to support you and be your constant reminder. For example, team up with your best friend for your marathon training. This way, the both of you can encourage each other and you will definitely be on track.

5~Nudge Yourself All The Time
Nowadays we tend to be forgetful very easily. So in order to keep you focused ALL THE TIME, you need to create constant reminders all year round. First thing first write out all your goals clearly with attention-attracting marker or pen, possibly red. Then paste your goals at places where you spend your time most-your bedroom wall, your computer desk, your planner, on the mirror or even your doors. Motivational posters with inspiring quotes also do wonders when you place them strategically. Apart from that, you can also schedule reminders in your smartphone to nudge you from time to time about your goals. Another good alternative is Google Calender where you can schedule reminders to be sent to you. Now no more excuse right?

6~Remember To Reward Yourself
365 days are a hell long of a time period and it is hard for us, mere mortals to stay focused for the whole year. That is why we need some "motivation" from time to time to propel us further. So it is important to reward yourself when you have achieve those tiny "parts" of your goal. Indulge in food, beverages or activities that you love to celebrate your successes. Rest assured that you will be more motivated and determined to achieve your goals once you know how to give yourself a pat on the back. Heck~I reward myself every single day with cups of coffee. LOL :D

Come~let's have a cup of coffee. :)

There you have it folks, 6 simple steps for you to achieve your new year's resolutions in year 2013. There will be lots of hurdles and obstacles awaiting you. So don't be discouraged if you are bump into a wall. I am sure those "road blocks" are nothing but detours. They can delay you, but they can never hold you back to achieve your goals. It's time for you to make the difference that you have always wanted in your life. Last but not must not give up no matter what. That's all from me in year 2011. I would like to wish all of you a happy new year. May your 2013 be a glorious one!

Happy New Year 2013!