Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nur Amalina Is TOO SEXY Now? I Don't Think So

I was shocked! Why? Because there is this lass from Malaysia by the name of Nur Amalina Che Bakri, whose new image has caused an uproar in her native country. She is being condemned by her fellow conservative Malaysians who deem her new taste of fashion to be TOO SEXY? Now who on earth is this girl and why is she being "crucified"? Let's flash back a bit *rewind*: Nur Amalina first grabbed our nation's headlines back in 2005 when she was then the top SPM scorer with 17A1.

Nur Amalina in year 2005.

Now, 6 years later, Nur Amalina Che Bakri again hogged the limelight because she has been dressing TOO SEXILY. Apparently this Bank Negara sponsored girl is pursuing her degree in medicine in United Kingdom. Thousands of irked Malaysians (mostly the Muslims) have expressed their disgust on Twitter and Facebook. Some even vent their angers on blogs? The question is...has Nur Amalina really crossed the line? Has Nur Amalina really dressed so SEXILY that it is a sin to her religion and family? Let's find out...

Nur Amalina is too sexy in this outfit? What say you?

Nur Amalina (far left) has forgotten her root and religion?

I bet now you guys will say she is a lesbian now?

So this outfit that Nur Amalina was wearing is considered to be SINFUL?

To be fair, Nur Amalina's attires are not too revealing at all. It is not like she is wearing a bikini or something. I really feel sorry for her as she has to bear the grunt of some silly Malaysians from Stone Age. I mean what's wrong with her clothes? She is not scantily clad right? It beats me to read some blogs where certain quarters are trying to scandalize the way she dress. Some even went on to blame her for tarnishing the image of Muslim and the "purity" of our country. What a silly joke!

Do you know what is SEXY?

This is what we call sexy and naughtily sinful.

Out of the sudden some Malaysians are being so pious with their religions and have the time to play fashion police huh? No disrespect but IMHO covering yourselves up with tudung or putting on the taqiyah don't make you someone religious. So stop castigating Nur Amalina. She has her own life to live and she doesn't have to listen to all this nonsense. I think only her parents have the right to criticize her and disagree with her newly-acquired fashion sense. Last but not least, I think Nur Amalina's attires is a bit daring, but definitely not revealing. I rest my case.

Do you think Nur Amalina has crossed the lines?

P.S.: I don't advocate women to dress like a slut and I have a daughter myself. However I think this is ridiculous and I don't want my daughter to be "stoned", just like how Nur Amalina has been.