Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 12 New Year's Resolutions For 2012

Today is the second day of our brand new year 2012. I am sure most of you had a blast on new year' eve right through the 1st day of 2012 right? As for me, I was at home doing my own count down while cradling my daughter and fed her milk. Ha :D Now...have you settled down already? Do you have a clear plan on what you wanna achieve in year 2012, which might be the last for all of us? *gulp* So I guess I'd better make sure that something is achieved by me before the 30-feet raging tsunami swallow me... *touch wood*


I believe this is only my second time revealing my new year's resolutions on this blog. Usually I don't divulge too much of my personal details, but my gut told me to as I need to leave some legacy behind for the aliens to read if the Mayan's prophecy were to materialize! Now by following the guides in my previous post: 6 Simple Steps to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions, here's what I think I wanna achieve in year 2012...

1~Stay Healthy & Injury-Free-This is number 1 in my list as I need to take care of my babies all the time. I don't wanna get sick nor injure myself in anyway.

2~Be More Time Efficient-This is a bit vague. Being a full-time daddy who has to take care of 2 demanding babies is never easy. I wanna spend more quality time with my wife and babies. Likewise I also wanna stay focused and sharp in my career without neglecting my blogs. At the same time I wanna exercise more regularly. My hands are full! Gotta use my organizer better!

3~Sleep More-This is that one very vital thing that has been clearly lacking for years. I know it will be doubly hard for me to be sleeping with the arrival of second baby...nonetheless I am going to try to sleep more. Besides my wife will be helping me out by nagging me all the time. LOL :D

4~Eat & Drink Healthily-This is an area which I must improve a lot. I have been indulging myself with too much nasi lemak and coffee. That explains why my waistline is expanding rapidly. Gotta put a stop to this urge of mine.

5~Be Lean & Mean-I used to play basketball 3 hours a day without fail. Now...I can't even play for half an hour in a week. I could run at least 5km every day...now I can't even run 5km in a week's time. What is wrong me? I have become fatter due to my lack of exercise...I need to buck up and be lean and mean again! I wanna play more balls, run more and pump more iron! Hiyeak!

6~Meditate-I used to meditate a lot back in my schooling years. Perhaps that is why I don't get tired easily after exercise rigorously every day? I need to mediate more this year as I foresee myself not going to have enough sleep every day. :'(

7~Continue Blogging-At times I do worry that my commitments and my career will derail my blogging "life". So far I am still surviving. And that is also my plan for this year. Hopefully I won't drop the bomb and give up blogging altogether.

8~Increase My Streams of Income-Online-Besides my full-time job in the office, I also managed to earn a 5-figure extra pocket money from blogging last year. I hope I can repeat that feat this year. Moreover if I have that extra time, I would love to pick up (execute) new ways to earn money online. 

9~Save More Money-*tsk tsk tsk~Shaking my head* Yours truly me, can really shop. Although I earn a lot...I am spending a lot too especially for my wife and son. So does the arrival of my daughter means I am going to spend more? Definitely. I need to restraint myself even more. Gotta snip my cards and give all my money to my wife. LOL :D

10~Learn How To Draw & Paint Digitally-This is something that I have always wanted to learn ever since I was in primary school. Hopefully I will be able to dish out something this year.

11~Pursue my Master-I told my wife that I wanna pursue my Master this year and she agreed. Then again it all depends on how well I manage my time as it will be a part-time course where I need to travel to KL every weekend. If everything goes well, I will be able to start my course this September. 

12~Be The Best Son, Brother, Father & Husband-Best is never the quantitative descriptive word to use aye? But that is what I wanna aim for, at least in my father's, brother's babies' and my wife's eyes. No matter what happens, I wanna be the very best that I can be for them. They will always be my main priority. Family First!

There you have it folks-My 12 new year's resolutions for this year. These 12 resolutions seems quite easy huh! Hopefully I don't screw up. How about you folks? Have you figured out what are your new year's resolutions? How many of my resolutions are the same as yours? What? Still haven't started writing yours yet? Don't worry. We are still in the infancy of this apocalyptic year. Ha :D Remember: with proper planning, we can have more time to do the things that we enjoy doing. Have a great year ahead everyone. :)

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