Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Bug With A Human Face

Some time ago, my friend who happened to be an entomologist (bug specialist) had captured something in the office. While he was busy peeling the skins of his mandarin oranges, he noticed something was perching on his the skinned fruits. He looked closely and was dumbstruck that "that something" was sucking the juice out of his mandarin oranges. It was an insect and its proboscis (nose) is penetrating into his "oranje" flesh. But what really shocked him was that the bug actually had a human face! *gasp* Let's see how humane it was, shall we?

So this was the culprit who openly sipped my friend's orange juice. LOL :D

This bug really had a penchant for Chinese Mandarin huh!

Wanna see its "human" face folks?

So what do you think? Does it resemble a human face with huge nose? :)