Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ice Skating In Melaka at Mahkota Parade [PICS+VIDS]

Are you ready to ice skate?

For the first time in Melaka, we have our very own ice skating rink~sort of. Are you ready to put on the gloves to fend off the cold and slipped into a pair of fancy ice skates? Thanks to Mahkota Parade, we-Melakans can now enjoy the pleasure of skating on "ice" with our little ones. Imagine gliding on snowy white surface gracefully while maneuvering among other fellow skaters, basking in that surreal moments as if you are in the midst of ice. Ha :D

First you need to pick the perfect-sized ice skating shoes 

They have a measuring board. 

Thank you for fitting the shoes for them. :)

The moment I knew about our very first ice skating rink in Melaka, I immediately told my wife that we should bring our little ones to Mahkota Parade to have a skate or two. So after having our dinner, we immediately bolted towards the concourse on the ground floor where our ice skating was waiting for us. Phew! We sure were lucky as the ice skating rink was almost packed to the brim. Jordan boy and Jasmine girl were totally ecstatic by then. They couldn't wait to get in ASAP!

For first time skater, you can use the support provided. :D 

It looks rather cool. 

Well...he thinks that he is confident enough to let it go. :p 

But not little Jasmine. :p

So after registering at the counter, we happily went to collect our pairs of socks and gloves. Then while we were seated, the helpful handler measured each of our big foot to choose the perfect ice skates for our happy feet. Once we were strapped in our cool ice skating shoes, off we cruised into the white plain of "ice sheets", carefully. We needed to be cautious as this is after all ice skating..which means it could be slippery.

Mommy is coming... 


 Jasmine was confident enough to skate on her own too later. :D

They fell quite a number of times. 

But everything is alright. 

Right Jordan boy? Ha :D

Obviously Jordan and Jasmine could not contain their excitement when they were on the ice skating rink. So much so that they forgot they are not professional ice skater. expected they fell a little bit here and there. But not to worry, they picked themselves up quite quickly, oblivious to the knocks and bruises they had had. For those who are not really good at ice skating, not to worry as they have provided a support in the form of "goal post" to help you get used to skating. So you can hold on to the skating support until you are confident enough to let it go~let it go. :D

The following are some videos of our ice skating!

I later joined in to have some fun too.

Both of my children really enjoyed themselves, skating from one end to another while hurling balls at each other. After all it is not often that you get to ice skate in Melaka, no? In fact they refused to leave, especially Jordan boy. So we had to coax him to take off his skating shoes with ice creams. In the end he succumbed to temptations and we could drag him out of the ice skating rink. There proved how fun it was aye? Ha :D

It was so fun that Jordan did not want to leave.

So we had to use ice cream to tempt him out of the ice skating rink. 

See it works! Ice cream always does its job. :p

For those Malaccans who have yet to experience ice skating, why don't you head over to Mahkota Parade to try out being on "ice" before it "melts". Yupe! Our very first ice skating rink in Melaka will officially last until 29th of July 2018. You can actually get to skate for FREE when you spend a minimum amount of RM100 in a single receipt. For more information, do approach the customer service at the entrance. :)

Go ice skating right now at Mahkota Parade! 

Ice Skating @ Mahkota Parade from 2nd till 29th of July

We really enjoyed ourselves at Like-ice Asia!