Friday, July 6, 2018

Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden-Walking Among Dinosaurs [PICS+VIDEO]

Meet the tallest dinosaur in the park!

By now you should know that my whole family is fascinated with dinosaurs especially my Jordan boy who is always with his T-Rex toy. So after watching the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie, we decided to actually pay a "real" Jurassic Park a visit. Introducing Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden in Muar which has more than 50 life-size dinosaurs for your to be mesmerized. If you love dinosaurs, then you must come to this Jurassic Park. :)

Welcome to the Jurassic Park

Are you ready to walk among the gigantic dinosaurs? The most amazing thing about Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden is the fact that the admission is FREE. Yes! It is free which means you do not need to pay any money to get up close and personal with the majestic dinosaurs at all. If you happen to drop by near Muar, then this is the must visit place for you and your family. Your children will definitely have an unforgettable trip here with the huge extinct dinosaurs!

Meet the T-Rex! (Look at my daughter's face! Buahahaha) 

Jordan boy wants to tame the King of the Dinosaurs 

Investigating the dinosaurs. 

Look at his expression. Ha :D 

Be careful! It will bite! 

I wonder how tall is this dinosaur. 

Let's shake hands 


First and foremost we need to thank the owner-Mr. Heng Chiang Hwee, 37, who is really, really generous to build this Jurassic Park for Malaysians to enjoy. He claimed that he had initially built the park for his family to enjoy their leisurely time with the dinosaurs. Later on, more and more people are attracted by his dinosaurs and he allowed them to snap photos for FREE! Yes! FREE. Unlike other so-called Dinosaur theme parks which charge ridiculous amount of money and yet you don't get to see as many dinosaurs as the ones in Don Hu Jurassic Park.

A few dinosaurs were spotted in their enclosures. 

Family photo with velociraptor. 

Hi Triceratop


 Jordan boy pretending to roar like a dinosaur!

Are the leaves delicious? 

Ouh there is even a giant snake! 

Resting on a dinosaur. Ha :D

Initially there were only 8 dinosaurs in the park. Now there are more than 50 dinosaurs which are living freely in his park. Ha :D Among his collection of dinosaurs is of  course the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex which stands at 12.8m tall. Dang! Do you know that each of the dinosaurs cost around RM10,000 to RM30,000? And yet we get to enjoy them for free. Hats off to the owner for his generosity. I salute him!

Watch a short introduction about Don Hu Jurassic Park in Muar

The owner plans to have a total of 100 dinosaurs in his Jurassic Park in two years' time. So in year 2020, we will be having a full-scale Jurassic Park in Malaysia. He also claimed that he will build more attractions related to dinosaurs on his 5.6ha of land soon. Wow! If you happen to come to Muar, please make sure you visit this Don Hu Jurassic Park Garden which is near the second-link bridge. Get ready to be amazed by life-size dinosaurs. Some of them are actually "alive" *gasp* animatronic dinosaurs. Remember: Admission to Don Hu Jurassic Park is FREE!

Address: 2700, Pintasan Muar, Kampung Sabak Aur, 84000 Muar, Johor
Operating Hour: Open every day from 10:00am - 6:30pm (Closes every Wednesday)
Admission: FREE

Don Hu Jurassic Park Muar Map

We will be back in 2020 to look at the 100 dinosaurs!