Friday, July 6, 2018

ADcase-The Airbag Your iPhone Needs

ADcase-The Airbag for your iPhones

We all know that accidents do happen with our smartphones especially when they have ""slippery" glassy back which will render your grip useless. And when you cannot catch your expensive smartphones on time before the impact...damages to the display or glassy back will be expensive. The repairs might cost you an arm or a leg, more so if you own an iPhone. What if I tell you that now you can buy an "airbag" to protect your iPhones? Introducing ADcase which can give your iPhones absolute protection.

The recently unveiled ADcase (Active Dumping Case) can quickly detect when you iPhone is actually plunging to the ground. Just like the airbag in your car, ADcase can foresee the collision and quickly extend its 8 hidden legs to break fall and reduce the impact. In other words, these legs which sprout out from the corner of your iPhone (2 from each) will allow your iPhone have a safe, smooth landing to ultimately protect you from costly display and glass back repairs.

So how does ADcase really work? The sensor is the case which also contains its own battery (built-in) will detect when your iPhone will hit the surface. Once the legs sprout, they will add a total 60mm of "360 degrees of protective barrier" to insulate the crash. The case itself will only add 4.9mm to the thickness of your iPhone, making it lightweight and barely noticeable.

This ADcase really looks like a futuristic, alien tech huh!

Sounds like a brilliant, pragmatic idea for you to protect your expensive smartphones huh. So far ADcase will only be compatible with existing iPhone models like the iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 6s/6s Plus and 6/6 plus. What about Android smartphones? I am sure they will build a few for some flagships Androids soon. However the pricing for this ingenious ADcase has yet to be announced on Kickstarer. So do you want such a protective case for your smartphone with airbag?

Watch the demo of how ADcase works!