Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Casio TR M11-The Best Selfie Camera In A Make Up Case [PICS+VIDEO]

Introducing a make up case which is actually a selfie digital camera in disguise. Casio TR M11 looks like your ordinary round-shaped make up case with mirror and your BB cream; But once you flip it open you will be shocked to find 8 LED lights circling a main camera and a 2.5-inch display screen to snap all your selfies. With more and more people (especially women) are so into selfies, it is only natural for a camera which is designed and built for the sole purpose of taking selfies.

Casio TR M11-The Best Selfie Camera

By now, those women who can take perfect selfies will tell you that the spoken secret to good selfies is lighting. Hence this mini digital camera which -Casio TR M11 is equipped with not one, not two but 8 LEDs to make you look brighter, fresher and fairer in your selfies. In other words, your skin complexion will look  more radiant and attractive thanks to the LED lights of the camera.

It looks just like a make up case, no?

Having Casio TR M11 selfie camera in your handbag is like having a handy beauty studio right next to you. The ring LED light allows you to "have your very own devoted make up artists" and you will feel like you are in a studio with a professional photographer. Hence this casio TR M11 selfie camera is the de facto camera dedicated for selfie-taking. If selfie is part of your life right now...then you really need this make up case selfie camera.

It is time to capture the perfect selfies of yours. :)

Lighting The Perfect Selfie Face
With the 8 main LED ring lights, you will get the best of lighting technology which will in turn bring out the best in your (selfie) look as well. Besides brightening your face to make it look fairer, the LED lights on Casio TR M11 can also remove unwanted shadows and even add some shading to make you look more beautiful.

Change The Pattern of Ring LEDs
Yep. You can decide which LEDs to be turned on when you take your perfect selfies. The 8 LEDs which surround the central camera lens ensure that your face will get equal illumination, allowing your face to look good regardless of the time or place the selfies are taken. The best part is, you can even change the pattern and the intensity of the LED lighting to match the effect of style that you desire. WOW! So when you have complete control of the lighting, you can get the best selfies that everyone will envy.

Change the LEDs pattern and intensity to snap your different perfect selfies.

Capture the light

You can control how you look in your selfies

Sub-Light For That Perfect Touch
Besides the 8 LEDs positioned around the camera, there is also another additional Sub LED at the bottom. This bottom Sub LED will reduce the unsightly shadows under your eyes and around your neck to make you radiantly more youthful and beautiful. This lighting will definitely allows your skin to look fairer and more supple. :)

Casio TR M11 sports a 10.5MP shooter and its 21mm wide angle lens allows you to snap not only selfie but also "wefie". You can of course take square photos for your Instagram or Snapchat and all your pictures will be automatically uploaded to your smartphone via the Casio Exilim Connect App. It is easy and hassle free. The app also allows you to have a live view from the camera before you take your selfies.

Capture square photos for your Instagram and Snapchat 

Always-on connection via Bluetooth. 

Which colour do you like?

For more beautiful selfies (a~hem), this selfie camera comes with 5 flattering modes that you can choose from and the 3 that really caught my eyes are Slim, Shadow and Sculpt. On top of that if you switch on the Make-up Mode, your pupils (eyes) and lips, the camera will automatically detect them and add that luscious gloss to them. Ouh, by the way it can also make your pimples look less obvious (or gone). Sounds like magic to me. you know that you can also shoot video using this camera? Yupe. That's a bonus for you. :D

Last but not least, yours truly me really thinks that this Casio TR M11 is one of the best selfie cameras around which doubles up as a beautiful fashion accessory that you can include in your handbag. There is an internal memory of 50MB but of course you can easily expand it via the MicroSD slot. Available in 5 different colours: White, Pink, Vivid Pink, Green and Violet, Casio TR M11 can be yours at RM999 (US$250). You can now get the perfect selfie camera at Shopee.