Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jordan Boy Captured T-Rex & Blue From Jurassic World [TOYS]

Guess what happened at the end of the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie? *Spoiler alert* Look away now. The dinosaurs were given a new lease of life when a precious little girl hit the release button to let them escape their imminent death-a second chance. So where did the dinosaurs go now? These living fossils braved into the "wild" which is the world of humans and were ready to break our porous bones and tear us apart like a doll. Are we ready to face their jaws of death...lined with razor sharp teeth?

Behold: Our captured Tyrannosaurus Rex and...Monoloposaurus (never heard of him)

Jordan boy has always been a big fan of dinosaurs, so when we visited KL last week, a few days after watching Jurassic World Fallen Kindom movie, we spotted the gargantuan Tyrannosaurus Rex and the elusive Blue Velociraptor roaming around in 1Utama Shopping Mall, near Parkson. Jordan really wanted to have both of them and so I tried my best to capture them which I did not before causing my wallet to bleed a little. I was glad that we cornered them into a box and sedated them. Phew!

Attaching the tail of the T-Rex! 

After all dinosaurs are giant lizards right? :D 

Happily holding on to his prized possession-the colossal T-Rex! 

Look at his happy face-priceless.

Heck! We even used the tech from Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie to shrink the brown T-Rex and the Blue...Blue. Okay...jokes aside...we really got the last of T-Rex and Blue from the toy department. Jordan boy was extremely very, very, very, VERY damn happy because this is (the T-Rex) by far the BIGGEST dinosaur toy he ever has in his entire life so far. We got Blue separately as she is the main star of the movie. Jordan boy has gotta thank the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie for his latest line up of toys. And of course the damages were RM142 and RM37 respectively for the T-Rex and Blue.

This T-Rex looks strikingly similar to the one in the movie. 

Look at its tiny arms. LOL :D 

 *sniff sniff* It picked up something

I gotta tame this T-Rex first. 

 By squeezing its nape and throat you trigger the jaws to open wide.
This T-Rex toy has really good head and neck articulation. 

T-Rex food. 

Look at what happens when I press its tummy (right side) 

Open wound...see told ya, T-Rex food! 

 Monolophosaurus VS Blue: Who will win?

"IIIIIIII!" say the T-Rex.

Though the dinosaur toys were not cheap, the happiness radiating from my little Jordan's face is totally priceless. Till today, he is still beaming with joy while playing with his dinosaurs. Besides, he earned them after performing really well in his mid-term exam. Yeah...so this is daddy's reward for you for excelling in your exams. Please take good care of T-Rex and Blue okay? Don't let these dinosaurs kill each other. ROOOOOAAAARRRR!

T-Rex and Blue are targeting their new prey-Jordan boy. :p