Monday, November 8, 2010

Proton Inspira: 3 More Days and Counting...

Another 3 more day (10th November 2010) our brand new Proton Inspira will be rolling out! Fans are drooling right now, eagerly waiting for our new Proton Waja Lancer to be unleashed. But are you aware that Proton Inspira will actually revert to what was done when the first Proton Saga was launched 25 years ago? Yes, our very first milo-tinned Proton Saga was surprisingly a Mistubishi Lancer with a Proton badge pasted on the snout! Our Proton Inspira is actually going to repeat that piece of history. However that is where the striking similarity ends!

Proton Inspira,Proton Inspira Price,Proton Waja Lancer
This Wednesday-10th November 2010!

Of course a lot of people scoffed and scorned at our new Proton Inspira aka Proton Waja Lancer, claiming that it is nothing but a copycat-car. But we have to understand that Proton has to compete with Naza and Perodua for domestic market and the gradual deregulation of our Malaysian market has seen Proton losing its original price advantage.  So why is Proton resorting to what it had done 25 years ago?

Proton Inspira,Proton Inspira Price,Proton Waja Lancer
Mitsubishi Lancer (top) 1985 VS our very first Proton Saga 1985

The answer is pretty simple: Proton has decided to leverage on strategic partnerships to roll out better cars. That is why our new Proton Inspira is based on the current Mitsubishi Lancer. This widely acclaimed Mitsubishi Lancer offers Proton an instantly recognizable car with a proven mechanical package, spacious and modern interior that appeals to both enthusiasts and family car buyers. In a nutshell, Proton Inspira will be able to compete with Honda Civic, Toyota Altis and Nissan Sylphy minus the expensively long development period.

Proton Inspira,Proton Inspira Price,Proton Waja Lancer
Can someone give me this Proton Inspira?

What you can expect from Proton Inspira? Well you will be happy to know that the interior is virtually untouched right to the bottom of the shift paddles which is good. However you do have to note that localisation of parts have already started. Engineers from Proton hope that by the end of this year, our Proton Inspira will be made up by at least 40% local contents. It is also reported that Proton is confident that this figure will increase to 60% by the end of next year (2010). But then again you should not worry about the quality of Proton Inspira.

Proton Inspira Price List,Proton Inspira Loan rates
Complete price list of Proton Inspira. Where you are going to buy yours?

So another 3 more days to go before our Proton Inspira will hit the road. Prices will start at RM79,880 for the 1.8manual Inspira up to "less than" RM95,000 for the premium 2.0CVT version of Proton Inspira. Refer to the price sheet above for more details. Own this Proton Inspira before 31st December and you will be enjoying 2 years FREE servicing inclusive of labor and serviceable parts. So more savings for you. Stay tuned ok folks.

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