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Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting

Rumours have it that Malaysia's most anticipated Proton Waja 2 Lancer will be launched on the 16th of October 2010. Serious? I am sure thousands of Proton Waja 2 Lancer fans can't wait any longer right? But I can sense that you wait will be over pretty soon. You know why? Because a few days ago staffs from Proton had a test drive session at a very secluded place in our country. A stunning fiery red Proton Waja 2 Lancer was spotted in Genting Highland. From the information that I gathered, I believe this is going to be our official Proton Waja 2 Lancer which will be unveiled very, very soon.

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting
Our new Proton Waja Lancer was "caught" in Genting!

I was tipped about the latest spotting of this red Proton Waja Lancer by the people from Berita Semasa. Apparently they managed to chance upon the test drivers on top of Genting Highland. So they seized this golden opportunity to ask these people the latest development about Waja replacement. Of course they also snapped a lot of beautiful photos of the yet to be officially unleashed Proton Waja Lancer. Yupe! The pictures that I am using for this blog post are all rightfully theirs. :)

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting
It looked very much like Mitsubishi's Lancer right? Or should I say identical?

According to the Proton staffs met at Genting Highland, so far there will only be 2 colours available, which is red and white. They also claimed that there will be 2 different variant of Proton Waja Lancer which are the 1.8 and 2.0 respectively. Now there are 2 extremely good news from these Proton people. Are you ready?

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting
The buttock of the red Proton Waja Lancer with the black tape covering the logo

1~The higher end model of Proton Waja Lancer 2.0 comes with paddle shift and advanced auto-cruise feature. The auto cruise feature is especially useful if you are well...cruising on the highway. I believe the Proton Waja Lancer's Auto Cruise will be almost the same with the one we have in Proton Exora. Besides that it is also claimed that you can expect leather seats with this higher end model.
2~Proton Waja Lancer is actually a carbon copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer EX and that explains why they look very much identical. Since it is meant to be a replacement model for Waja, everything will be the almost the same with Mitsubishi Lancer EX including their very own engines (So no Lotus Campro engine?). However a new different suspension and rim (16inch) will be used instead.

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting
You can expect our new Proton Waja Lancer to look
exactly like this Mitsubishi Lancer EX minus the logo of course.

So are the above news good or bad? I don't know. Ha :D But I am sure fans will be jumping up and down waiting for this beauty to be launched right? Hey, even I can't wait any longer. According to reliable sources everything goes well the first Proton Waja Lancer will hit the road this December 2010. How about the price then? Since Proton will be using almost all of Mitsubishi components...expect the price to be slightly more expensive. The 1.8 baseline model will cost around RM60,000 to RM70,000 whilst the more luxurious 2.0 high end model will set you back with a RM80,000~RM90,000 price tag.

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting
Obviously they we very excited huh!

Snippets taken out from TV3 featuring Proton Waja Lancer!

So what do you think folks? Is it expensive or it should be considered a steal since all the components including the engine are the same? IMHO, RM90,000 for a premium Proton Waja Lancer is really a bargain especially for those who loves Lancer. Anyway we still have to wait for the official launch to know the real price for our brand new road warrior-Proton Waja 2 Lancer! Vroooooooooom!

Red Proton Waja 2 Lancer Spotted in Genting
This white Proton Waja 2 Lancer looks simply elegant right?

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