Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monkey Killed Yet To Be Named 4-Day-Old Baby

A baby girl who was just 4 days old was brutally killed by a monkey! The poor little baby girl  was abducted, bitten and thrown from the roof! OMG! I was utterly shocked to know about this disturbing news last night. I was even horrified when I read the details of the murder. This black tragedy happened in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia) at 1.15p.m. A few chaotic minutes were enough to turn a happy mother to a grieving one when her baby's life was taken by a wild monkey. F*** that damn monkey!

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
A tragic day for all of us. :(

Apparently this wild monkey of the Macaque genus had sneaked into the living room of the victim's house and snatched the baby out of her cot and stormed up the roof of the house. The bastard monkey then threw the baby to the ground. So...the baby girl was viciously killed on top of her very own home. This is so terrible! What had this immaculate baby girl done to irk that damn monkey? I cannot stomach this insane news. I feel really, really sorry for the whole grieving family.

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
Macaque...they are deadly!

The mother, V. Revathy had left her little girl in the living room for a few minutes to use the washroom. At the same time, her father-in-law, A. Valayutham, 70, also left the living room and went to the kitchen to grab a drink. But when both of them returned to the living room to see the little girl...she was no longer around. Both of them frantically searched for the little girl and to their horror...the body of the yet to be named 4 days old little girl was discovered outside their home with her face and neck badly bitten. Her whole body was covered with blood! This tragedy happened in just a few minutes. She was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead. I strongly believed she was killed the moment the damn, evil monkey threw her to the ground up from the roof. Why God? Where are You?

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
This was the killer monkey which ended a family's happiness!

Both the parents then contacted the Fire and Rescue Department at around 2.15p.m. Eventually the Wildlife and National Parks Department was contacted and they arrived around 3p.m. The officers set off with the baby's father to hunt for the killer monkey! It was spotted in some bushes several metres from the house. At about 4p.m The killer monkey was shot dead when it began to act aggressively (I would kill the monkey even before it turn aggresive!). Damn you monkey!

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
The murdered was killed at 4p.m. yesterday!

This is the very first time such a devastating case had happened in the state. I wonder if there are any other such terrible cases happening around the world. No please. NO! :( Yesterday gotta be the darkest day for the whole family especially for both the parents. The baby's father, V. Neru, who is a lorry driver was not at home when the incident happened. He said he could not believe such a thing could have happened. Even I can't. This is what the grieving father had got to say, "She was our bundle of joy and we were looking forward  to spending many happy years with her...I just couldn't believe she's gone." I can really feel his pain for I am also a father right now.

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
Still think monkeys are cute and harmless?

Apparently a pet dog in the same neigbourhood was also attacked by these monkeys awhile back. The dog was badly bitten and was also thrown from a tree. This incident had been reported to the authorities (my guess is the Wildlife and National Parks Department) earlier on...but too action had been taken and now a poor little girl's life had been snatched! It is very regrettable to know that the Wildlife and National Parks Department only took action when someone is killed!

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
Yesterday tragedy proved that the Macaque monkey will kill human.
It is a threat to us especially our young ones.

So who should be blamed? The vicious, damn monkeys? Or was it due to the negligence of the family for allowing the monkey to sneak into their house? Or was it because of the laziness of Wildlife and National Parks department officers? Whoever's fault it was, bygones are bygones. But I can tell you this. If I were the father of the poor little girl...I would kill the killer monkey myself! Imagine a mother's pain and sacrifice conceiving a baby for 9 months and then risked her life to give birth to their very first child. Then their joy was destroyed by a stupid, f***ing monkey!

Monkey Killed 4-Day-Old Baby
I will not hesitate to kill any of them if I need to protect my baby!!!

Truth to be told, I will not hesitate to kill any monkey if I deem it to be dangerous to my little one. YES! I will do anything to protect and defend my baby. And you parents out is our duty and responsibility to protect our helpless little one from any danger. Don't allow this tragic history from repeating. Don't bring your baby to any places such as parks infested with monkeys! Remember: it only took a split of a moment for these bastard monkeys to snatch your loved ones away from you!

Arrgghh...Sorry for the crude language used!
I was very, very sad and furious while typing this post. :(