Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Made US$143.64 With Adsense In September 2010

The month of September is truly a month for me to savour because for the first time in my life I have managed to earn more than US$100 using Adsense in a single month. Till today I still can't believe that I have made US$143.64 using Adsense in 30 days. Yeah! I know a lot of you out there make thousands per month using Adsense. Some might say that this earning is puny compared to theirs. You might even say that I am showing off, but to me this is a milestone in my blogging "career". A dream come true for me and I am going to be proud of it.

Thanks for all the Adsense earning Google. :)

The fact that I was able to churn out this earning with just one single makes me even happier. We all know that niche blogs which specialize in a narrow topic(s) can earn far better right? So I felt it is really unbelievable for this "General" lifestyle blog of mine to break the US$100 barrier in a single month. A few month ago I only managed to make like a little money monthly. But since July my Adsense earning had been increasing tremendously. In fact in July alone my Adsense earning increased by 150%. Hmm....why? It still beats me.

This is my earning for September 2010.

What I can tell you is that my Adsense earning has increased in tandem with my search engine traffic. About 2 months ago I shared with you guys the 3 reasons why I can't get 1000 unique visitors daily right? Back then I could only registered around 700 unique visitors and 1.5k page views. But since last month, I have been getting more than 1000 unique visitors daily and around 2.5k of page views every day. I truly hope that my traffic and income will keep on increasing. Ha :D

I hope my traffic and Adsense earning will keep on creasing.

Last but not least I wanna thank all of you readers out there for making these (increase in earning and traffic) possible for me. If not for you guys I would not be able to scale a little higher right now. Again thank you. I hope those who are trying to make money online using Adsense through blogging will not give up if your Adsense earning is not what you have expected it to be. Preserve and I am sure one day you will earn a lot too using Adsense.

P.S.: If you wanna earn serious Adsense money, do niche blogging which will pay more lucratively. I will start mine soon too. :)