Saturday, September 4, 2010

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Unveiled?

Malaysia's most anticipated Proton Waja Lancer is finally here. Is this the most talked about Proton Waja 2 that the whole Malaysia is waiting for? Is this the elusive so-called second generation of Proton Waja which is based on the well-known Mitsubishi Lancer? I don't know but chances is that we Malaysians will get to see this Proton Waja Lancer very, very soon as it was spotted in Penang earlier last month (August 2010). Moreover TV3 also did some coverage about this new Waja 2 Lancer today (3rd September)! Hold your breath and keep waiting ok...

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
Proton Waja Lancer?

This Proton Waja Lancer is actually a replacement model to the old, won-out looking boxy Waja. It is about time that Proton come out with a new model for their Waja line up. Before we proceed to the real Waja 2, let's look at the ideal Proton Waja Lancer which was conceived by Theophiluschin. If I am not mistaken this conjured Waja Lancer is actually fusion of the current Mitsubishi Lancer with our Proton Waja and Proton Persona. That's why his creation retains the boxy feel of Waja and the elegant grill of Persona. And of course this Waja Lancer spots the unmistakable fierce front light of the Lancer.

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
It looks very boxy but...yet equally foxy right?

So what do you think about the Waja Lancer "built" by Theophiluschin? Very nifty right? Now...let's look at the REAL Proton Waja Lancer which was spotted by Fahmil. He noticed about this car and thought it was just another Lancer in the beginning...but the black tapes made it all too fishy for him. So he got off his car and happily snapped this "unwrapped" Proton Waja Lancer even though it was raining. Let's have a look shall we?

This is what OUR Proton Waja 2 will look like!

Proton Waja 2 Lancer MitsubishiLook at those curves!

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
The front light looks very familiar...hmmm...

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
The fierce face with the "mouth" being taped!

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
Look at the skirting!

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
Aww....the bulky back side!

What say you about this purportedly REAL Proton Waja Lancer? It does have the curves of the sexy, irresistible Mitsubishi Lancer. The rear part of this Waja 2 looks exactly like the cocky backside Mitsubishi Lancer. The cool, glaring front lights look strikingly similar to those of Mitsubishi Lancer. Heck! Even the skirting are  indistinguishable from those belong to Mitsubishi Lancer. In a nutshell...our Proton Waja 2 aka Proton Waja Lancer is actually a carbon copy of Mitsubishi Lancer only with the logo and badge changed? So this is just a Waja Rebadged Lancer? OMG! Can we not have a copycat? :(

Proton Waja 2 Lancer Mitsubishi
I hope Our New Proton Waja 2 Lancer will live up to its hype!

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