Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mini Family Reunion At Cheng Maju Restaurant

Months ago ( took me this long to blog about it) my family and our relatives had a mini reunion dinner at Cheng Maju Restaurant which is just a stone throw away from our home. Altogether I think they were 15 of us.  We "checked in" around 7.30pm and all of us were very excited. All of us were gleaming to see each other. It's not always that we could sit together and see eyes to eyes while enjoying our food. I feel like a young bubbly kiddo again when we dined.

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
The place we had our feast.

We waited for the chef to approached us and placed our orders. Actually...we didn't have to crack our brains trying to figure out what to eat. We asked the chef to chose the food on our behalf which he willingly did because...he is my cousin. LOL :D The food landed on our tables almost instantaneously as there were no other customers to be served as it was still early. There were 6 mouth watering dishes to wallop that day. We had a pleasant surprise as two of the dishes were totally alien to us, or at least to me.

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
My uncle and his family.

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
Can you spot my lovely wife?

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
The veterans: My father, my aunt, my uncle and his wife. was such a pleasant feeling to be able to join my relatives and family to have a reunion dinner, albeit a mini one. The seniors were ecstatic to see the young ones joining them to have a feast. My daddy, uncle and aunty were beaming. Their faces and flashes of smiles said it all. Ok, now let us talk about the food shall we? Are you ready? Where's your fork and spoon?

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
Let's wallop! CHIAK!

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
Thai-style Fried chicken. Look at the chillies.

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju,Steamed Lady Fingers
Steamed lady fingers with garlic. My first encounter with this exquisite dish.

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju can tell by the look that it is very crispy!

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
This is very appetizing-seafood seaweed soup.

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju,Steamed Fish
Steamed fish. Hmm...what fish is this? Can anyone tell me?

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju,Pork Ribs With Salted Eggs
Pork Ribs with salted eggs-the main course!!!

I thought the food is absolutely delicious. 2 thumbs up for all the finger licking good dishes especially the pork ribs with salted eggs. The steamed lady fingers were very special too as it was the first I have seen them almost intact without being sliced in a dish. I wish we could have more family gatherings like this. I am sure we can have more in the future. The next time we have our family reunion, my little Jordan will be joining the the fray to feast all those glorious food. But is all about us, being together as a family, to bond. :)

Our Reunion Dinner At Cheng Maju
It's great to have reunion dinner with your family. :)