Monday, November 8, 2010

Barack Obama "Love" Doll Anyone?

Barack Obama's reputation hit rock bottom last week when his Democratic Party was severely blown at the US electorate. But the Chinese in the Communist land adores him very much. So strong is their affection towards Barack Obama aka Mr. "Yes We Can" that he has been remodeled as a blow-up "love" sex doll! Now who want a piece of this Mr. President in the comfort of your home? Yes, now you can show him that you can too.

8th Sex Festival GuangZhou,Sex Doll,Sex Toy,Barack Obama Love Doll
Hie Mr. Barack Obama. Do you enjoy being in there?

Apparently there was this doll which was clad in a dark blue "suit" and a red tie being spotted at the 8th Sex Culture Festival in Guangzhou. And how do you know that this black doll was Mr. President? Simple. Barack Obama's handsome face was delicately printed onto the head of the doll. Barack Obama "love" doll was discovered behind several other ladies "love" dolls. I wonder what he was up to sneaking behind them. The picture above has been circulating the internet for sometime and Chinese actually said, "How could they place the US president behind those poorly-made models. He is the head of a big country, after all." Then another person came out with this brilliant comment, "Why can't we have a Mao Tse-tung toy! "LOL :D

8th Sex Festival GuangZhou,Sex Doll,Sex Toy
A couple walking pass a few latex dolls.

The Guangzhou 8th Sex Culture Festival was opened only to the adults and you had to pay 30RMB (US$4.5) to have a glimpse of those sexy stuffs being exhibited. According to the organizer, at least tens of thousands of horny people visited this unique exhibition. One of the main attraction in the exhibition was a real-life lady sex doll with a US$15,000 price tag. Goodness. Who would want to buy this kind of doll? For what? Hahaha :D

8th Sex Festival GuangZhou,Sex Doll,Sex Toy
I wonder what DVDs she was selling!

8th Sex Festival GuangZhou,Sex Doll,Sex Toy
Hmm...these men were looking at the underwear display or...?

8th Sex Festival GuangZhou,Sex Doll,Sex Toy
The US$15,000 Love Doll.What's so special about her?

8th Sex Festival GuangZhou,Sex Doll,Sex Toy
I have no idea what was standing between those 2 terracotta warriors. You?

This 8th Sex Culture Festival concluded on the 31st of October. Lots of sex products, adult erotic toys are being sold here. Hmm...I can't imagine that China which was once a very close-minded country could have organized such an exhibition. So do you think this will come to Malaysia one day?

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