Sunday, April 12, 2020

We Love Italian Food During This Covid-19 Lockdown

Almost everyone in the world has tried Italian food right, especially their iconic pizza and of course spaghetti. During this unprecedented lockdown due to the insidiuous Covid 19, even more have come to love Italian cuisines thanks to its ease of preparation. You can effortlessly prepare any Italian meal thanks to a lot of ready-made ingredients which will definitely come in handy during this testing  time when you are "trapped" in your very own home.

It's spaghetti time! 

Carbonara mushroom *drooling*

You will never get bored when it comes to pasta and sauces as there are so many different varieties and combos for you to experiment with. Don't feel like eating the common spaghetti today? Then you can try other types of pasta such as Fettuccine, Linguine, Ravioli and Macaroni just to name a few. You will be surprised to know how many different kinds there are in the "wild". How about sauce? Besides the traditional tomato and mushroom sauces, you also have the usual Carbonara mushroom sauce for your pasta. Want to try something more zesty? Add mac & cheese pasta sauce or cheese & herbs pasta sauce. Surely your taste buds will appreciate the plethora of Italian dishes they get to try every day. 😋

 Can we eat already?

Not yet~must take photos 😆

Like I have said everyone can easily prepare and cook a relatively OK Italian meal. But then again to get a plate of perfectly cooked spaghetti, you need timing and experience that usually only a good chef will possess. That is why my wife is still the master when it comes to cooking Italian dishes at home. She could always tell when the spaghetti is "al-dente" which is slurpy and springy at the same time; She knows what extra ingredients to add to make something even better. Wish I could be half as good as her. Guess that will never happen in this life time. 😂

Can't get enough of these tomatoes with eggs, cheese and  Bolognese herbs!

Her latest Italian masterpiece include perfectly cooked spaghetti with capsicum, roasted chicken and potato as well as the amazing  tomato stuffed with egg and cheese which really blown me away. Together with the juicy tomato, the cheese and egg were so gooey and scrumptious. 🤤 To be honest thanks to the movement control order, my wife cooks for us every single day (lunch+dinner) which my children and I really, really enjoy so much. It is always an added bonus to have a beautiful wife who can cook really well. LOL 😉 But really! My kinds and I have been putting on weight as we get to indulge in so many glorious food dished out by their mother.

Italian food for the lockdown!

Till today we have yet to order our meals using any delivery service. My wife insists that she wants to cook for us despite working as usual from home during weekdays. Then again she also mentioned that ordering food from outside might risk us being infected by Covid-19 virus. So it is better to be safe than sorry. Can't think of what you want to have for lunch or dinner? Go Italian as it is easy and quick to prepare. Order all your pastas and sauces right now. Stay safe and stay at home everyone!

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